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toothill man said:
same here but seems to have been moved a month :? hopefully early next month 8)

Yikes! I'm trying to schedule my next session and I was hoping to run TotE! I'm going to need a little filler.

My PCs will have just arrived in Arenjun, after crossing the mountains. I am used to running very combat oriented wilderness adventures but I think the PCs would like a little change of pace.

Does anyone have any suggestions for low-to-no combat city scenarios that I might be able to complete in a session or two?
The pdf module "Black Stones of Kovag Re" is set in Arenjun.

It does have a good bit of combat in it though.

Still, it was a good module. I liked it.
Darth Mikey said:
The pdf module "Black Stones of Kovag Re" is set in Arenjun.

My original plan for the characters was to run Black stones for them. Then when I saw that the campaign progress was a LOT slower than anticipated, I thought I'd run Tower first. I also thought that the end of Black stones might force the PCs to leave the city, and I wanted to avoid that of course.
Well, in Arenjun you got the Maul at your disposal - a nasty den of prostitution, thievery, confidence scams and mercenaries. In my experience, you plop some PCs down in a place like that, let 'em rip and they'll make their own fun.

Having a session or two before the Tower lets you build it up a little bit as well. I'd make sure they notice the thing gleaming on the skyline, have a couple of unsavory types discussing it, only to go silent when they notice the PCs are listening, have them hear a couple of rumors about it (which could be anything, as no one really knows what's going on in there), that kind of stuff.
My first question is: do you have the Shadizar boxed set? You could take NPCs or even adventures from that and use them in Arenjun with little tweaking (of course I'm saying that after not actually READING Shadizar page by page, but first impression memories).

My group did Black Stones of Kovag Re as their second adventure, and as I've posted in about a dozen threads it didn't go nearly as designed, the players saw through the trap, and their characters have neither morals nor scruples, so they didnt' care what happened in the city, so long as they got to kill the bad guys who put them up to the adventure's premis in the first place.

My group was about to flee Arenjun, but I had an idea about designing an adventure based on one of Howard's stories, based heavily on an adventure thread written by Iron_Chef. After I ran my "Shadows in Zamboula" adventure, they wanted revenge on the guy who set them up, so I made a second adventure wherein they plied the streets hunting down the rascal, and ended up killing him and his woman in the Maul. This made for three sessions based upon a character name dropped by Iron_Chef that I thought worked well, and in my opinion shows how easy it is to come up with adventures in a city setting. (Here is a link to his thread, Instant Campaign Starter). I have word docs for my two adventures and would volunteer them if you want, but be reminded that they were made solely upon my group's characters and playing style (and lack of reading Howard stories at the time :lol: ), so you'd want to make tweaks. And lastly, the adventure "Shadows in Zamboula" was largely stolen from Iron_Chef's post, so all credit should go to that original post!) If you want to read what they did, go to my Story So Far thread.

Hope this helps.