Adventure 3, Session 1 Intro - Storm Clouds over the Vilayet

Arkobla Conn

A lanky, gray haired professor dressed in a worn tweed jacket and blue jeans opens the door and walks to the podium. He deposits his brief case and a pile of papers on his desk as he walks past it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” He begins. “Last week, we were reviewing the second documented key event in the Van Houten, Novitsky Hyborian Histories. As you may remember, Most of the histories from Hyboria center on the key figure of Conan of Cimmeria and his legacy. The Van Houten, Novitsky text centers on the lesser underpinnings of events beginning during Conan’s Aquilonian reign in the area surrounding the Vilayet Sea. We left off studying the central figure’s group as they struggled against a subspecies of ape-men. With traps and ritualistic near sacrifices, combat and nerve wracking events, we find again why these histories by VH and N are so engaging. Not only are they written with flair and style, we feel almost as if we were watching a live holovid feed. It doesn’t hurt that these substories to the Hyborian age have almost as much impact to the world as we know it today as the events marked by the Conan writers.”

“Please open your textbooks to chapter 2, page 48 and… yes David”

A student, sporting a medium build, black hair and dark eyes put down his hand, looked over his shoulder once and then answered, his voice excited and his face flushed.

“Professor Jantz. Could we please skip the end of this chapter? It’s not nearly as exciting as the events leading to the rescue of Tirah and Julianna. We were discussing the end last week after class and most of us have already read through to the end of the chapter. We’d like very much to get into their first episode on the Sea.”

Look around to the students; the professor could see they were eager to press on. Since most of the important information was already discussed in previous weeks, he acquiesced.

“Very well. Turn to Chapter 3, page 60. As with the Conan histories, the VH;N text works in a very episodic nature. The group was intent on returning Lady Maja to her home country. That meant they needed to cross the great inland sea. As expenses increased and funds decreased, the group needed to find money and sea transport.
They found both in a Khorushon, A Turanian coastal city. Can anyone tell me about Khorusun? Lissa? Go ahead”

A smallish girl stands, brushes her brunette hair out of her eyes and then smiles. She begins as if reciting a gazetteer entry from memory.

“Khorusun:---also spelled Khorosun and Khurusun, a principal Turanian port on the eastern shore of the Vilayet, sacked by Conan as a kozak. It sent troops on an invasion of Vendhya. The walled city was renowned for its goldsmiths. It is referenced in the histories titled Road of Eagles, Devil in Iron, Flame Knife, People of the Black Circle, Lord of the Black River, Return of Conan & much later in the Van Houten Novitsky text, chapter 12.”

“Outstanding – yes it is, but neither the first or the second sacking of Khorusun is today’s topic. Instead, we focus on the group as they unwittingly hire into the Turanian Navy instead of the Merchant ship heading for Ramdan on the opposite shore.”