ACTA - Official Ruling please - Drakh Cruiser AF weaponry...


Is it right, that the Cruiser´s Heavy Neutron Cannon in the Aft Arc has the Anti-Fighter trait?

I'm looking for an OFFICIAL Mongoose ruling only please, it's for the Armageddon update to my online shipviewer.


Wow. Thats pretty surprising. A 25" anti-fighter Neutron beam. Makes you wonder why they put it on the back of the ship, not the front!
Must be because they are always so busy running away, that any front weaponry is useless anyway.

But it makes me wonder why they didnt put it on the heavy raider.......WS killing galore.
Actually with the things the Drakh learned from the Shadows, it makes perfect sense to have it in the back. I mean they know the WS will always attack form behind if given the opportunity, and they know that is where the fighters are most likely to strike from also.

Should it be in the front too? Maybe, but it is possible that the Drakh could only supply so much power to ship at a time and a choice had to be made... as a Drakh player I like it, and as an ISA player it scares the crap out of me.

Just my two cents.
katadder said:
keep in its side arcs is all i say :)

Damn right. fighters would have been there anyway, an ISA player will just have preferred it anyway.

But many naval captains will wonder why Drakh cruisers jump in in front of their ships, while burning away as well.....

EA fleet --> Jump point --> Drakh Cruiser --> <-- Drakh fleet waiting

Hope that thing above makes sense, arrows denote facing.