[SF] BR: Feds vs klingons


Alrighty. 1000 pts, basic line up and fight scenario. Feds vs klingons. Me playing the feds. Klingon player very rookie and I'm not much more experienced either. Fleets:


Federation class dreadnought
Kirov class BCC(didn't originally intend to take this seeing I had dread already but I happened to run into situation where I had 240 pts exact!)
Manta-ray fast cruiser
Two ortega DWD

5 ships. Kinda top heavy fleet with both dread+kirov and pricey fast cruiser too. Probably will get init-sinked big time here.


2xD5 war cruiser
3xE4 light frigate
C7 heavy battle cruiser
D7C command battlecruiser

So. 7 ships vs my 5. War cruisers are going to be problem and there's also squadron of light frigates who might be problem in a squadron.

For terrain we settled for 6x6 and 8x8 asteroid fields(density 8) which were on left and right and one dust cloud that was partially on klingon deployment zone in the center.

Feds actually won the initiave so klingos had to deploy first. Yey. Good start. Klingons deployed with D5's on the center with heavier ships between(and slightly behind) them. E4's were on left facing asteroid field around there. For the feds I deployed slanted toward right. Dread was leftmost, then Kirov. Behind them came ortega's and manta was further on right.

Turn 1: Feds won initiave.

E4's began flanking manouver while ortega's moved leisurely ahead. After kirov had moved forward D5 on right realised it was already sitting at photon's range so quickly headed toward right. Manta-ray went in pursuit. C7 wasn't keen on staying in range of photon's either so backed off slightly. Dreadnought moved forward and turned toward the E4 squadron. This prompted 2nd D5 and D7C make quick dash toward dreadnought's flank.

Kirov opened festivalities by firing phaser's toward D7C and drones toward nearest E4. Slight damage to D7 including shield critical but antidrone worked without flaw. D7C opened up against dread denting shields and hull a bit. D5 fired against the dreadnought causing serious damage to shields and crew critical.

Ortega's tried to drone strike vs E4 but other was prevented by anti-drone and other failed to even hit it.

Dreadnought returned fire with phasers and photons toward one E4 killing it in one shot(getting 2 shield penetrating photon's goes long way!). Pity it didn't explode though despite overkill.

Manta and D5 on right exchanged fire without much effect thanks to klingon shields. C7 fired toward kirov not accomplishing much until drones fired. As Kirov had expended drones for attack no help there. Ph3 both missed. As did tractor beams so 4 AD of drones hit kirov head on. Ouch. All told this left kirov with mere 4 shields left...

E4's managed to cause weapon critical to dreadnought(OUCH!) and depleted kirov from shield and few hull boxes.

Things took sudden turn for worse it seems...D5 on right fixed critical. Dreadnought failed to fix weapons. D7C failed to fix shields too.

Turn 2: Federation won initiave as klingons rolled snake-eyes.

E4's headed toward ortega's who in turn were heading away from them. D5 on right went toward ortega's as well. I realised manta ray would be struggling to join ortega's as tightest turn that doesn't take it into middle of firefight on it's left would hit straight into asteroid field! Hmmm. In the end I decided to risk HET for extra 90 degree turn but luckily I rolled 5 for the test so no harm damaged.

D7C moved to rear of dreadnought which in turn moved forward reloading(move max 6). He's going to struggle to get anything visible. D5 overloaded weapons and flanked the dread. Ouch. This could be bad.

I started to realise my movement has likely been far from optimal resulting in kinda of a mess with federation ships being unable to support each other. I decided to pull extremely risky stunt and made HET with kirov for extra 90 degree turn! Dices were with me with beautifull 5. 90 degree turn and the D5 suddenly had kirov looming behind it's rear sector. Hurah! This did result in C7 flanking the kirov in return.

Shooting. Unsurprisingly Kirov opened up firing phaser-1's and photon's toward the D5 while drones went against C7. With 10 kill zoned ph'1s and photon's knocked out loads of shields and hull damage including dilithium critical by photon. Drones were(stupidly) used to attack C7 trying to deplete anti-drone but no success.

D5 on the right damaged one of the ortega's well but that's it. Loads of shield penetrating hits but no critical. Did however knock out remaining drone defences from the kirov.

Dreadnought fired phasers at the approaching D5 and managed to knock remaining shields and cripple it along with 2 criticals to impulse drive. Hey this thing can shoot surprisingly well even when something ain't at front!

C7 fired toward kirov but rolled somewhat poorly. If it hadn't been drones it would have been practically nothing. As it is though kirov was crippled from the C7's bank of drones. Ortega's fired phaser's against D5 damaged it slightly and drones vs C7 but that anti-drone kept rolling 2+ only! E4's damaged one ortega(getting close to crippled) and took out kirov with drones.

Okay next time don't waste kirov's drones to attack in situation like this. I just expected it to die to reqular attacks so didn't think it would change much but without drones it would have survived almost intact! Manta's attack against D5 was failure. 4 kill zoned phaser's managed to miss...Dammit!

Situation was looking more than a "bit" desperate. Kirov dead, dread almost depleted of shields, one ortega seriously dented and both dreadnought and manta looking at wrong directions. And I'm outnumbered 4 to 6 init sink wise.

End phase dread fixed weapons(yey), crippled D5 fixed escalating dilithium(Boo), D7C fixed shields(Boo) and second D5 fixed impulse(BOO!).

Turn 3: Federation won initiave.

Crippled D5 moved forward doing evasive manouvers. Ortega's and E4's were playing hide and seek while dreadnought moved forward boosting shields(15 more) and turning toward right. Humhum. How to get that point toward worthwhile target!

C7 and D7C were dreadnought hunting while manta went APTE turning 3 time's in the process. D5 went in pursuit.

Shooting. Dreadnought fired FH, SH and T phaser's against C7. 3 penetrated shields resulting in lots of internal damage + dilithium critical(funnily enough that knocked down more shields than phasers themselves). Rear phaser's went against retreating D5 managing to penetrate shields. No crits to help take it down though so it lived. I opted to keep drones myself against incoming drone barrages! Lesson learned from last turn.

E4's fired at ortega's causing slight damage while D5 on right peppered manta-ray. Ortega's responded vs E4's with phaser's and drones vs C7 and despite long range, phaser-3's and tractor beam one managed to get in causing maximum shield damage. Yey! Unfortunately E4's did manage to cripple one of the ortega's. Manta finished D5's shield and caused dilithium critical.

Finally on the left C7, D7C and crippled D5(phaser-1) bombarded the dreadnought knocking most of the shields down, causing some hull damage and causing second crew critical. They are wearing the monster down slow and steady.

End phase managed to fix the crew critical from dreadnought(phew). E4 managed to fix weapons that had taken hit.

Turn 4: federation won initiave(unbelievable luck here)

Healthy ortega moved into dustcloud to gain some cover. Wolverine went for APTE again and joined the fray around dreadnought. Then Klingon played surprisingly moved the C7 sooner than he really would have needed moving it to rear of dreadnought. This opened me opportunity I would not waste. Gamble time! HET! Third time in the battle but when you screw up enough you just have to hope for HET to save your arse! Whopping 3 degree extra turn. This was getting ridiculously risky but continuing my ridiculously lucky dice rolling I passed it. Swoosh dreadnought turned at place suddenly pointing forward arc against C7! HURAH!

On the right D5 turned around boosting shields(6) and going for phasers only this turn.

Shooting and now dreadnought had perfect target to shoot. With photon's reloaded! Phaser's knocked most of the shields and dented hull slightly. Photon's rolled three hits. All which penetrated shields! (albeit shields were mere 3 strong by now so would have punched through mostly anyway). This resulted in near crippled C7.

Tad dissapointed actually...D7C also got some love and had some shields knocked down by other phaser's. C7 fired all it got toward dread finishing off shields, damaging hull and causing dilithium critical. In return manta ray crippled it and caused impulse critical.

Klingons caused horrible damage overall to dreadnought that was fast approaching crippled. At least ortega's managed to destroy the C7. Phew. One less ship to worry about.

End phase. Dreadnought repaired crew again. Only repair that succeeded.

Turn 5: Klingons won initiave.

Dreadnought boosted shields(phaser's only) moving forward turning twice. 13 shields repaired. While crippled D5 continued it's slow escape D7C continued to harash dreadnought but manta-ray joined in the fun as well. One E4 continued to hunt the crippled Ortega that boosted slightly it's shields while 2nd E4 pursued the other ortega that moved in to lend phaser fire against the D7C as well.

Things were starting to look bit brighter.

E4 fired against ortega but only damaged shields. Manta-ray fired up splitting phaser's against D7C and crippled D5. D5 was destroyed while D7C lost shields and lots of hull. D7C and dreadnought duelled resulting in most most of shields from dreadnought going out and some hull damage but in exchange D7C was crippled. Things were decidedly looking brighter!

Second D5 had moved toward manta. Impulse critical was caused on the fast cruiser.

At this point klingon player noted that he should have kept distance. As fun as it's to fire killzone'd weapons against federation ships the federations are doing that better!

Turn 6: Federation wins the initiave.

Dreadnought turned around boosting shields(now total 14), 1 weapon system only. Manta started yet another turn around with APTE. That ship doesn't turn in small area that's for sure.

Ortega tried to finish the D7C but failed. Also failed to reduce anti drone from D5. Took the manta to finish it off but drones vs D5 failed to hit from extreme range.

Dreadnought tried to reduce D5's anti drone but again failure. Tough bugger.

Current situation. I have dread with 28 hull and 14 shield, somewhat damaged manta and ortega and crippled ortega. He has dented D5 plus two E4's. Should be my game now.

Dreadnought fixed impulse giving me full speed again.

turn 7: Federation won initiave

Both ortega's were boosting shields and using only one weapon system. Dreadnought kept swinging around boosting shields(phaser only). 2/3 shields back online. Good good. Though of course shield by passing shots exists...

Manta flanked the approaching D5(I now had more ships) and fired. Most of shields gone, some hull damage and 2 crits(impulse+dilithium). Game is now pretty much formality.

D5 failed to do much vs dread and had shields stripped and yet another impulse critical caused. Ortega's suffered slight damage but drained E4's of anti-drone. Just keeps getting worse for them.

D5 fixed both levels of dilithium criticals.

Turn 8. Federation won the last initiave roll.

Ortega's and E4's danced hail mary again, ortega's boosting shields. D5 moved to left of dreadnought boosting shields(phaser only) for 12 more shields. Damn. I figured it was now safe enough as it was last turn so manta went for 4th HET of game and passed it too. Ridiculous! 90 degree to starboard on the spot and straight toward D5's flank and boresighting it. Think that ship is mine too. And so it was. Shooting started with manta firing 10 kill zoned phaser's all that hit. Okay ship wasn't dead yet but D5 failed to do anything and then was killed by dreadnought that didn't even use full weaponry to ensure it doesn't blow in manta's face.

Final result: 870(feds) vs 295(klingons). Resounding victory but albeit I was helped by luck(C7? Say hello to dreadnought that pulled 135 degree turn on the spot...) and dreadnought was almost crippled that would have evened up the scores a lot.

Fun game. Opponent got hooked.


tneva82 said:
Too long and hard to follow. I try do better next time.
I didn't think it was either too long (maybe a tad but not much) nor too hard to read. I'd give it a "B", maybe even a "B+".

Da Boss

Nice report thanks

Interesting to see how often the Feds won initiated - dice and statistics don't always match?


Da Boss said:
Nice report thanks

Interesting to see how often the Feds won initiated - dice and statistics don't always match?

Yeh. Sometimes dices just refuse to co-operate. When klingons are rolling mostly 1's and 2's and feds 5's and 6's the +1 bonus doesn't count for much :lol:


Da Boss said:
Nice report thanks

Interesting to see how often the Feds won initiated - dice and statistics don't always match?
Statistics only tell you the odds for a given event to occur. All bets are off when the dice hit the table. :twisted:

edit: but knowing the odds is most assuredly not a written guarantee. Just ask people who participate in sports playoff pools :lol:


Finlos said:
Statistics only tell you the odds for a given event to occur. All bets are off when the dice hit the table. :twisted:

Another thing that really twisted odds was the HET success rate. That was above average and the dreadnought "turn on the spot" was particulary good timing. 50-50 whether I do "impossible" or have level 3 crit on my impulse's.

No crits but instead klingon vessel got rear full of phaser's and photons :D