ACTA- adrift ships

Iain McGhee

Apologies if these have came up before, but I did a search and couldn't find any answers.

A couple of issues that arose in recent games:

1:An adrift ship moves at half speed. Do you still count the effects of criticals as well ?
Specifically, if a ship with disabled engines becomes adrift does it stay in place or do you assume inertia/weapon impacts/exploding ammo etc move it at half speed ? Similarly, do you reduce the half speed score if you have other engine criticals ?

2: If an adrift ship moves into an asteroid field do you still do a CQ check or do you automatically take damage as if you failed ?
I'd think no crew meant you wouldn't be able to do a CQ check, but a CQ roll of 6 might mean that the ship was lucky enough not to hit anything that turn.