About the Dwarves


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When introducing fantasy ancestries, it is always interesting to see what kind of approach a particular story or game takes: are we getting Tolkienesque lineages, or are the authors trying to do something different with them?

At Mongoose Publishing, we were keen to create a truly original take on the dwarves that populate the Norse myths – without actually changing what we have come to know from those riveting tales of gods and heroism. This, of course, was made possible by having the RPG be set in the future, in a time when many of the supernatural beings introduced in Scandinavian mythology have evolved into something else.

Many millennia ago, the dwarves already surpassed all others in terms of technology. In fact, their bodies are not even material anymore, but rather composed of energy. The dwarves’ ability to rearrange and shape the landscape of their entire realm has caused even The Pure to leave them alone, but, luckily, dwarves do not seem to take an active interest in what is occurring in the other eight realms.

Most of them.