Aberrations ?


According to AtTR, Aberrations are "immune to all physical attacks except for silver and fire", and "Aberrations eat, sleep and breathe".

Does this mean aberrations are immune to poison or the effects of such spells as Gelid Bones or Draw Forth the Heart ?

Mad Dog
Foul sorcery can IMHO bypass this resistance, as I do not think it is restricted by the laws of Physics. So Gelid Bones, Draw Forth the Hearth and the like will blast an aberration if it does not make its save.

Poison, on the other hand... who knows? I think it is a physical effect, so it wouldn't affect it -man, just by the pic it seems those Servants in the Swamp seem to have been drinking poison for all of their life :lol:
They discuss Aberrations in The Book of Skelos also and immunity of all physical attacks is just one of the special abilities an Aberration can have. I would go with Maximo's explanation on the sorcery attacks but since a Fortitude saving throw is necessary with Poison I would say that Aberrations are immune to poison as well. Tough creatures that is for sure - I imagine Thoth never thought Conan would survive his Aberration in The Phoenix on the Sword ! 8)
Of course Thoth couldn't imagine it. Thoth-amon wasn't trying to kill Conan in that story. He was after his former master. King Conan was not important at all to Thoth-amon. He just happened to be in the same room with Thoth's target.

I wonder if Thoth-amon even found out who killed his demon.
Not so fast Mr. Darlarge - Thoth saids to kill everyone who's there as well as his keeper - he knew Conan would be there since he was involved with the assasination plans! :D
I doubt it - he din't send a hitman - he sent a Aberration! But my thought was along the line of Aberrations being very hard to kill and create and summon - like in the Book of Skelos. That had to be a very powerful spell Thoth invoked in The Phoenix on the Sword - probably overkill for what he wanted done. Remember, Thoth wouldn't even look at it. And with such a powerful spell, I think he was power hungry and thought to take down King Conan as well. Since it was such a powerful spell, I would be surprised if Thoth wasn't shocked to learn his Aberration was killed.
Don't you make any confusion between aberrations (created) and demons (summoned)? The demon was linked to the ring but was no aberration per se.
The King said:
Don't you make any confusion between aberrations (created) and demons (summoned)? The demon was linked to the ring but was no aberration per se.

Correct- The Servant of the Ring was an Outsider, was he not? Anyone here have a copy of Scrolls of Skelos nearby to confirm this?
You're right - the slave of the ring is an outsider (pg. 80 Scrolls of Skelos). By the description in the story I thought it was a abberration - looks like one but it isn't!
When I talked about an official ruling I really meant about the effects on an abberation, but Mongoose doesnt make official rulings it appears....

Mad Dog :(
Well, I cannot make an official ruling, but I would say they are immune to poison (physical attack) and not immune to those spells (magical attack), unless the aberration in question does not have bones or a heart (possibly a GM judgement call).
The rules from the scrolls of Skelos on aberrations make me believe that the Treasure of Tranicos (de Camp's pastiche) was the source of inspiration.
In this short story (which is an extrapolation of Howard's original "Black Stranger"), a demon is confined in a grove and is eventually freed creating havroc and mayhem being immune to all weapon. Conan fights him and remember (?) that such creatures are only vulnerable to silver and fire. So he killed the demon after throwing a silver chest at him, pushing it in the fire place.
I find it just curious that such a rule should apply to created things like Frankenstein's creature because these are more demonic immunities that would better apply to beings like the servant of the ring.
The distinction is rule based, that's all. It's like "Animal" and "Vermin". Vermin are clearly tiny animals, but in D&D they want to make a distinction because they want certian spells or weapons to affect animals by type.

I don't see that in Conan. An Outsider is any creature from outside the normal plane of existance. An Aberation is a creature that has been altered or would otherwise seem normal but for some physical...well...aberation.

Conan RPG, however, doesn't really make a distinction between Animal and Vermin for the purposes of targeting. In D&D, a giant spider is still a spider and so is classified as Vermin. In Conan, this is not the case. An aberation can be a demon, trapped in this plane or merely called a demon by locals or something.

What you have to look at for effects is and whether they work on a particular creature or not is in the title line. Conan RPG doesn't pay as much attention to creture type as D&D, and overrides much of what D&D is based on. In Conan, a creature's weaknesses are listed in it's profile rather than by type, and any vulnerability that is exploited or created by a spell or poison or other substance (like silver) is give with it's entry. Creatures just don't ahve the succeptibility that they do in D&D, so you can't base rule inferences on D&D.

Does that make sense?