A possible game?

Judge Walker

For sometime now I have been itching to run a fantasy game, of any sort, and I think Conan fits the bill. Now, it will be a few months down the line before I am ready, I have to actually get the game and do a little research (I'm a REH novice.) So, I just wanted to post here and see if there was anyone interested in a Conan on-line game? If so please post here.

Hey! Weasel!? Now just a darn minute... :wink:
I would be, but don't have the book and cannot justify buying it right now - despite how good teh combat system sounds.
I'm sure there's some interest here (and on www.conan.com), but more details would be important, as well as time for people to get their book.
slaughterj said:
I'm sure there's some interest here (and on www.conan.com), but more details would be important, as well as time for people to get their book.

Of course. We're all in the same boat, I'm not even sure if my LGS has it in yet (I'll find out tonight.) I'm judging the interest level in a future game. :)
"...more details would be important..."

Well, I don't have the book yet, and want to do some research before I commit to anything, but if you have questions by all means ask. I'll answer to the best of my ability.
Picked it up today, damn! It 'tis one fine book, I'll be reading it for awhile. Then I transfer my old campaign idea over to Conan should work well. Keep a look out here, and if you are interested just make your mark here.

As to tech question it will be a play by post game (either here or on some other forum.)
Drop me a line when you are ready to get started.


We should be starting out Friday evening game at our local game store in Niceville, FL this evening.

I'm thinking of playing a thief.

My cousin's father's brother's . . . (However that quote goes.) :)
I've finally succumbed and ordered the book (although finding somewhere on this side of the Atlantic that actually had it in stock and could get it to me in without a delivery time of several weeks was a real pain)!

Forum wise, you could try the one in my sig - it exists solely for the purpose of online play-by-post games, and has a built in dice roller and a very sympathetic moderator who is also willing to host such maps as might be required.


(If anyone in the UK is still trying to get a hold of it, I recommend Spirit Games (www.spiritgames.co.uk) who will be more than happy to mail you a copy to arrive within a few days - assuming they had more than one copy in stock, otherwise you are out of luck ;) )

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have at least found a future home for the game. :)

I have to say that the Conan RPG is really packed with all sorts of keen things, not a fast read. I have one or two of the NPCs stated out in my head now, and some new ideas just down the pipe.

Plus I recieved my copy of "The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian" the same day I got the RPG. So, we have research goin' on. :D
I've ordered my book and am anxiously awaiting it. I've posted several advertisements for a game that I'd like to run or perhaps play in on OpenRPG.

If anyone would like a avid Conan fan and new player to Conan RPG, I'm game. :)

My game thread is here:

Mayhem said:
Yo Judge - hows thing progressing? You still have plans for a game?

Slowly right now, but still going forward. I'm still in the process of reading the corebook. I'm also in the planning stages for a term paper due at the beginning of April (obviously this takes precedence) so I'm looking at mid next month at minimum for a start date. So, please watch this spot for updates. :D