A literary question for Mr. Darlage

Tim Mercado

I know this will sound silly maybe, but if I had an idea for a short story based in REH's Hyborian age, using a hero crafted by myself in Howard's world, where could I go to try to have it published? And more relevantly, what legal matters should I be aware of? I would like to give this a shot....as I enjoy writing quite a bit, and the purchase of this grand RPG has given me many ideas (especially since being thousands of miles from any real game group, writing would be my only creative outlet).

Is there a fanzine of sorts? Can amature authors do this legally by contacting REH's estate folks or some such? If you don't know, which I am guessing you do, where might I research this idea?

Sorry for all of the questions, but thanks for any help.


There are fanzines, and you could put out your own fanzine. You might check with REHupa for these fanzines.


They also have a yahoo group:

There are also several Conan fan sites who might put the story up if you want (there is another thread covering those links, so I won't repeat them here, my own site included).

If you want to actually make money at it, I suppose you will need to contact CPI. The easiest way to do that is to post something in the "Words of Crom" directory of the message board of the official Conan site:

I seem to recall someone having asked that question before, so look for CPIs answer before you post. I may be wrong, though.

I hope that helps.
I am not Vincent, but here is the official word from Conan Properties International (CPI):
Theo/ Every person writing about, or in the universe of Conan needs to be contracted by CPI, who retains all trademarks and copyrights into the works.
I found it here.
Here's how to contact CPI.

Letme know what they say. I'd like to try my hand at a Hyborian story.