A couple of semi-sentient Plants


For the tropical adventure I'm working up I needed some things to lurk in the jungle
that would be a surprise for the unwary

Semi-sentient Liana
Occurs in groups in dense tropical jungle, as many as D4 vines 
can attack each person close to the vines location.
	Dice 	        Av.    1D20 	Hit Location    AP/HP
STR 	2D6+6 	13 	1-20 	        Stem	 	     1/ 6
CON 	1D6 	        3 
SIZ 	1D6 	        3 
INT 	1 	        1 
POW 	1D6 	        3 
DEX 	3D6+6 	17 

Combat Actions 3 	Typical Armour: Tough Bark. 
Damage Modifier –1D2		No Armour Penalty.
Magic Points 11 	Traits: Acidic, Blind, Deaf, 			
                                   Stalker, Tentacle/Vine
Movement 0m
Strike Rank +9
Skills: Stealth 40%+1D8x5%, Unarmed 30%
Combat Styles
Gripping Vine 30%
Type 	SIZ Reach 	Damage 
Vine	 S 	VL 	1D4–1D2
A Liana is an Entangling weapon and can use Grip as a Special effect 
but is mainly a Grappling tool.

Possesses acidic ichor which sprays whenever the bark 
is penetrated, causing damage to the attacker; 
roll 1D4, 1=1D2, 2=1D4, 3=1D6 and 4=1D8 damage per wound.


Mimic Vine
This vine produces leaves that resemble those of other plants and 
vines to confuse anyone watching out for it.
	Dice 	 	Av.      1D20 	Hit Location AP/HP
STR 	2D6+6 	13 	   1-17 	Stem		   0/3
CON 	1D6 	 	3          18-20 	Flower	   0/2
SIZ 	2D3+1 	5 
INT 	1 	 	1 
POW 	1D6 	 	3 
DEX 	3D6+6 	17 
CHA 	3D6+6 	17 

Combat Actions 2 	Typical Armour:None. 
Damage Modifier 0		No Armour Penalty.
Magic Points 11 	        Traits: Alluring, Blind, Deaf
Movement 0m
Strike Rank +9 (Spores only)
Skills: Disguise 43% – Either use this as a negative modifier on a 
Lore (Plants) test or directly in a skill test to deceive someone 
viewing from more than CHA metres distance..

Spores – Range: STR metres
Produces clouds of spores. If inhaled the breather must win an 
opposed test of Resilience against the Spore’s potency of 1D8x10% 
to avoid suffering 1D8 Hit Points to the chest every round until successful; 
as the spores gestate into worms, flowers, vines and so on that are 
coughed up or grow out of the victim’s lungs.

Alluring – Range: CHA metres
The flowers produce pheromones which attract and seduce victims, who 
must succeed in an opposed test of Persistence against the Allurement’s 
potency of 1D8x10%. If the resistance fails the victim Hallucinates for 21–INT 
Combat Rounds.
Rikki Tikki Traveller said:
What about a Legend version of a Triffid? Mobile plants with whip-like vines and a mild poison?

From the book and movie "Day of the Triffids".

I like the idea of statting up a triffid...the book creeped me out when I was about 12 years old. It a genuinely haunting post-apocalyptic story.
warlock1971 said:
The recent Runequest book, Monster Island, has quite a few monstrous plants in it.

A number of sword and sorcery authors had a thing for dangerous plants. For example, Clark Ashton Smith had the deadly plants that grew in the the Maze of Maâl Dweb and the vampiric Flower Women (also featuring the bored archmage Maâl Dweb...). For the curious, both of these stories are available on the Eldritch Dark website under licence from Smith's estate:

The Maze of Maâl Dweb

The Flower Women

I've used a couple of nasty plants in my own campaigns in the past and will see if I can find them to post the details.
I thought that there was a Triffid in the BGB but that's not the case.

I'd use the basic stats for my Semi-sentient Liana and change the acidic sap to a mild poison that has Agony or Unconscious as the Condition to simulate the effect of the whip. Give it a move of 2 or 3m and you should be good to go.
Any chance of a variant crossbow too, one that shoots razor edged discs? :)

I remember Day of the Triffids too thats quite a Stealth skill they've got there makes you wonder if they use boxes to wander around the way they surprise everyone... by that I mean those that can still see!

Ooh now that would be a fun idea for a scenario but how to explain people suffering from temporary blindness along with the horrific realisation there are Triffids out there... :twisted:

Might work better if say their light sources are extinguished rather than being blinded... give them a reason to be afraid of the dark...