a 3D Traveller universe

Reynard said:
In my real space creation, Epsilon eridani is an important world because it was the second contacted alien race. Problem is it is 3 parsecs away and ships at the time period were maximum J-2 so the 1-2 Jump routes take many weeks to get there. Besides contact, it was determined E. eridani was an ideal location to access the denser star population so a deep space fueling depot was built one jump from Sol. and the savings would be tremendous for commerce and exploration.

Depots can be useful for bridging gaps hindering lower Jump ships.

I've been thinking an integrated powerplant/grav-generator would make for a great way to store fuel in deep space. just build a lightweight screen to protect it from direct sunlight, I think it would even stay liquid? anyway a high enough powered spherical grav plate should be able to produce at least 6g out to a good radius. Building your own mini gas giant :lol: