2300AD UCP question


Banded Mongoose
Hi there,

Hoping someone can help with interpreting some 2300AD UPP and UCP statistics. This might be explained somewhere but I can't find it.

Population Multiplier

1. What is a 'Population Multiplier' in the UPP? For example the Kingsland system (Zeta Herculis A) has Population 5 (hundreds of thousands) and a Population Multiplier of 4. What does the 4 mean?
2. What is a 'Population Code Multiplier in the UCP? For example Kingsland colony has Population 5 (hundreds of thousands) and a Population Multiplier of 5. What does the 5 mean?

PAS Severity and Compatibility (p.101)

We are told on p.102 that the PAS score 'usually runs from 2 to 7'. if you actually look at the UPP PAS scores in the book, the frequency is as follows:

PAS score Frequency

So... I am pretty sure that the PAS score is NOT a DM but the Target Number for a difficulty check. If you are on King (PAS score E) then you have to make a Formidable check (14+). If you are on Nous Voila (PAS score 4) then you only have to make an Easy check, rather than a check with a DM of -4 as p.102 would suggest. That seems reasonable given the statement about Nous Voila on p.47 'No PAS issue'

UCP final digits

After the UCP trade code we expect to see 'Population Code Multiplier' and 'Interface Transport Quality'. But some Colonies have three digits after the Trade Codes. When this occurs the second digit is a zero. What do the three digits refer to? For example:

Kingsland........ Ag Lo 5 0 C
Alicia............. Ri Ag 2 0 B
Europe Neuve ... Ri Ag 1 0 C


Thank you for any clarifications.


Cosmic Mongoose
I do not know the 2300 system at all but I’m pretty sure the Population Multiplier is the same as in previous versions of Traveller:

The straight UWP/UPP Pop digit is an exponent, the number of zeroes in the count. The Pop Multiplier is the number the exponent is appended to. Thus Kingsland (Pop 5, hundreds of thousands, with Pop Multiplier 4 = 4^5 or 4 x 100,000 = 400,000. Likewise, Pop 5, Mult 5 = 5 x 100,000 or 500,000 people.

Hope that helps.


Banded Mongoose
Thanks, I also wondered if it might be the multiple of the power of ten. But I don't think it can be. In my example the system has population code is 5 (10^5). The Population multiplier for the wholes system is stated as 4 (i.e. 400,000) and the Population multiplier for the colony in the system is stated as 5 (i.e. 500,000), which seems impossible - the colony having a greater population than the system it is in. Could be a typo though. It's a bit a hard to know as the meaning doesn't seem to be explained anywhere.


I'm struggling a little with as well

Eta Bootes is D666674-9 N 304 is 10^6 - 1,000,000 x 3 = 3 million

French Aurore is D135664-A N Po 5 C is seems to 5 million.
Ukrainian Novoya Live is X325600-8 0 Ri 3 C would be 3 million.
Independent Tanstaafl D426641-9 M Po 3 C also as 3 million

No idea