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    Drivethru Print on Demand

    Priorities, I guess. I’m no expert, but the process behind making a drivethru release a POD item doesn’t appear to be an instant process. The time taken to make POD releases has to be balanced against the time required for new releases, which I assume is the priority. I mean, it would be nice...
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    Paranoia’s 40th Anniversary in 2024

    Noting that, on the current release schedule, the Paranoia Perfect Edition appears to be set for both a physical and PDF release in December. Will the physical book be released just before the PDF? Because, that would be novel.....
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    New Traveller Universe: Pioneer

    Not alone. (Although, I cannot account for you if you get abandoned on Mars).
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    The Robot Handbook - Coming this Friday

    How does it work for player character robots?
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    The Robot Handbook - Coming this Friday

    Have been waiting for this for a long time.
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    Unable to sign into my Mongoose account

    I is not just you. The system seems to be bonkers at the moment. It is not letting me log in - repeatedly asking if I am a robot and telling me that files aren’t found and other files I have bought not being on display. Could do with a general look at.
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    Core Rulebook Update 2022 - In Stock!

    Still waiting on mine, which was sent out from a pre-order last month! :cry: It is the nature of international deliveries to NZ these days though - everything is d-e-l-a-y-e-d...
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    Implausibility of technological research and lack of progress

    It depends on how you view the Technological Levels, to a degree. If you assume that the current Earth is at Level 8 (or thereabouts), there is still a distance to get to the highest levels in the Traveller canon. There is no theoretical limit to the technologies offered at TL 16 or above, and...
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    2300 AD - UNP for the United States

    I think the editing issues are getting ironed out slowly, and should be fine before going to print. I think the greater concern for me is more the overall design brief. The decision was made to make the box set, and not make it standalone, in order to be able to fit more stuff in. The problem...
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    Alternative Species bonuses/penalties in Character Generation?

    One thing that struck me, when playing a Bwap, is that you have an increased chance of dying during character generation! Bwaps enjoy a -4 adjustment on both their Strength and Endurance rolls, so, if you roll low and subtract is it not possible to begin play with Strength and Endurance at...
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    2300 AD - UNP for the United States

    Taken from the previous edition, America’s UNP is BA99847-B Ri In 3 5. The current box set, however, has focussed on the colonies as a priority and only includes details of Core Worlds in an appendix. The UNP classifications aren’t given in this set.
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    Christmas Present for Travellers - Official Theme Music Video!

    It is certainly a variation away from The Lord Weird Slough Feg album!
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    Paranoia’s 40th Anniversary in 2024

    Now we know that there is due to be a Paranoia: The Perfect Edition coming, I guess that overrides a need for a anniversary specific edition in 2024. I’d still like to see a Classic Anniversary edition release though, Kickstarted as necessary. Regarding the Perfect Edition, I heard that it...
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    Updated Character Sheet downloads?

    Please may I make another request for the Character Sheet used in 2022 Updated Core Rules to be included in the Downloads section on this site - preferably form fillable. Only the older character sheet can be found there currently, and there is no blank character sheet in the book itself (just...
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    State of the Mongoose 2021

    Lots of items on the list are appealing, including the Robots and AI stuff, and Pioneer as a must. I’m considering what improvements are made to Paranoia before I commit, and I do hope that there can be some attempt to produce/print some Classic Paranoia stuff too. Delivery times may be a...