[Zozer Games] Far Horizon - TL 9 Spacecraft & Scenario


Far Horizon is a Near Future science fiction adventure and spaceship book for Cepheus Engine and for the Classic 2D6 SF roleplaying game that is based on.

It is 2100 AD and the Earth’s Space Development Agency has funded a mission to the outer edge of the Solar System. Pluto and Charon have been explored and human landings have been made for the first time. Now the crew has taken on a new mission to explore Tartarus, a minor planet billions of kilometres from the Sun and one that is a rogue and not native to our Solar System. Tartarus is a passing interstellar traveller and Earth wants the crew of the Far Horizons to be the first humans ever to land on such a mysterious ‘rogue world’. Its irregular trajectory has the scientists on Earth puzzled – and there’s nothing like getting humans on to the surface to solve a puzzle!


This is a scenario that is based, for the most part, on hard science; the Far Horizon is a nuclear thermal rocket, built around a nuclear fission reactor and relying for its internal gravity on rotating spin sections. Further rules and the full background setting for this scenario can be found in the companion Zozer Games book called ORBITAL 2100 (available from DriveThruRPG). However, that book is not necessary for this adventure to be successfully played out. In this book are all the resources, setting material, rules and equipment needed to play out this deep space mission:

  • The exploratory spacecraft, the DRV Far Horizon, is described in detail and illustrated with comprehensive deckplans designed by Ian Stead.
    Tartarus, its dangers and its secrets, are fully explained.
    Events and situations to challenge the player characters are presented for the referee.
    The format of the scenario is based around a realistic mission of scientific exploration.
    Rules for operating this TL 9 spacecraft and its landers.
    Rules for the design and use of TL 9 spacesuits.
    For referees without a copy of Orbital 2100, twelve pregenerated characters are provided, each one a competent and skilled astronaut.