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Which army is winning more of your battles

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Conan said:
Right but it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where my hidden entrance is if I'm making a bee line for it (or away from it).

Depends on how many tunneling markers and entrances you have out, doesn't it? How does your opponent know that you're not just tunneling and going to try to pop up a new entrance under him? Either way, it creates an uncertainty for the MI player and can help you to channel his movement to where you want him. Even with only one tunneling marker, it's 50-50 that you're moving towards or away from a concealed entrance; with two markers, there are even more possibilites as regards the concealed entrance:

*both moving towards the concealed entrance
*neither" " " "
*Both moving away from " " ' "
* neither " " " " "
* one or the other moving towards " " " "
* " " "" ""' moving away from " '" " "

You can also confuse the issue by doing a ready/tunnel action sequence to create the impression that you're not moving along ANY tunnel axis when you, in fact, are. Creating uncertainty in your opponent's mind can be more valuable to your game plan than actually popping a bug unit out of that concealed entrance.
One big thing here, guys.

Nest entrances must be placed at the beginning of the game and must be placed within the Bug players deployment zone. See page 124.

From the MI point of view, this prevents bugs entering as reserves from behind their lines.

Better go apologise to your brother :D


The MI would mostly win in small low point battles.

But its interesting once the points get higher! ;)


One option for the bugs is to have a concealed entrance close to a normal one. Then when the bugs reach the obvious one the MI ensure they are say 8" or so away so they can blast the bugs with their react and maybe jump out of trouble, only the next move you move to the next entrance and pop out in the second action hopefully within a couple of inches from the MI (time for munchies).

Difficult to do, but can be done.


Bah, figured it was too good.....Great, now I DO have to appologise to my bro...*grumbles* wish me luck, I may not come back alive... :oops: :lol:


I ran 4 demo games for people at the local shop this evening. I was just demonstraiting the mechanics so we did not use tunnels for the first 2 games and the bugs got slaughtered. The best I was able to do was take out 2 MI troopers before being gunned down.

Adding tunnels helped for one game until the MI player figured out not to go near the exits. With just the warriors from the box the bugs don't stand much of chance against an MI player who knows the rules.