whats your favorite kind of MI platoon

what is your favorite MI platoon list + options

  • cap trooper

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  • marauder

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  • pathfinder

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  • light armour

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  • exo suit

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ive got to say the standard cap troopers are my favorite for sheer versitility, plus the fact you can add heavy armour in the shape of marauders

fast, cost efficent heavilly armed, well equiped, whats not to like?!

and just to say i added exosuit platoons just in case people already prefered them to any other type
Same here, but being able to field a variety of people like Cap Troopers, Marauders, Exosuits, and even LAMI in a company....
See now there is not enough choices....
If I am playing my bugs my favorite platoon is a dead plattoon. If I am playing my MI my favorite plattoon is whichever one kills more bugs :)
I voted for Cap Troopers simply because that's what I have, but when the Bigfoot and Nighthawk are released, I may have to consider building a Marauder Platoon.
I can't vote, they are all too good! Instead I would rather say my favorite army... MI!!! I would say LAMI but since I have 32 MI and 0 LAMI I will have to wait for my judgement on that.
LAMI - The poor buggers like us who sign up and face a foe far more dangerous than anyone could ever think...

Great fluff and models as well do help...

ive gone exo suit


well so far nobody has pulled of a decent exo suit in my mind, and i tried them in a game against grey, ok we knew there where a few rules missing , but they seem a good challenge to try and use.
Exo suits all the way. I'm a huge fan of a small, high powered, armed to the teeth kinda army. Not to menchin you only have to buy and paint a few minitures. :D
Gotta go with my boys in the armor. I love playing infantry heavy, pair my Cap Troopers up with the LAMI Platoon I've got in the works and I'm a happy guy.