What means would guarantee The Pcs keep their word?


If a group buys A Slave or 2 to replace Dead or retired due to injuries Pcs and agrees to set them free once they filled certain criteria or The none Slaves have got sufficiently more loot then they would have got if it had been divided between 5 Pcs rather then 3 Pcs who ensured The Slaves had a better lifestyle then The Pcs would have had if they hadn't become adventurers what is to stop them going back on their word when they either don't have to keep it or they do but the slaves can't prove to a court that the agreemet was never made officially binding?

As a lawyer once said "A verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on".

However, it is a good roleplaying opportunity. The freed slaves, who are presumably now PCs, would be able to argue for their fair share of loot, especially if they have fought in combats or have contributed in other ways. Eventually, they would be seen as full members of a party and would expect to be treated in that way. This gives them the chance to claim their due share and roleplay that interaction.

If that doesn't happen, they should have some documentation to say they had been freed and can happily leave the party to go their own way. Then you need to fond some more PCs.

All in all, offering slaves their freedom and the chance of becoming rich and then renaging on the deal sounds a dickish thing to do. It is definitely against any kind of "party honour".