What army is the toughest to play/harshest learning Curve?

What army is the toughest to play/harshest learning Curve?

  • LAMI: Because their like Light Beer...

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  • PathFinders: Great Caps that are MORE expensive

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  • Cap Troopers: What good are they?

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  • Exo Suits: I do really well for the beggining...

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  • Marauders: I got Plasma'd

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  • Skinnies: I dont know what to do, their just so Ugly, and they Keep STARING AT ME

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Banded Mongoose
So I chose Pathfinders believe it or not:

You should Keep in mind that I mean this alone, as in dont consider that you can mix and match platoons.

I chose Pathfinders because they lack any real Heavy option like marauders, or sheer air power. Notice that Forth is Not an Option and wont be, because too few of us would have any idea, and they are subject to change...

and apparently Bugs Got Cut off on the poll and I cant edit, so Just Write BUGS on top of your post.
I went for Marauder Platoons, because these guys are even MORE expensive then Exosuits, and while the M8s are quite difficult to kill, they're nothing like fast enough to completely evade the bugs... A few good rolls by the bugs and half your army evaporates under an ooze of tanker spit!

Or a single well-placed nuke turns your most costly squad into a glowing hole on the first turn... That always sucks... 900 points of M8B "Bigfoot" models, dead on the first attack!
We've only ever played Bugs and Captroopers in my group. I have a pathfinder platoon primed andwaiting on my desk to be painted, but i jsut ahven't had time. Likewise, i have a box of Light MI that haven't even been primed yet!

of the two i've played so far, MI seem to be less forgiving, and I'd bet tat is a general theme with the humans. if you make a mitake, you usually end up paying for it dearly.

I'm going with pathfinders, for the same reason as Gauntlet. used right they cam be really nasty, but on thier own, they lack hte heavy weapon air support that is available to Caps and LAMI, and lack the heavy armour and support weapons of the MArauders and Exosuits
Hmmmmm...... I'm saying Cap Troopers, because they lull you into a false sense of security, then let you down as you roll nothing but 2's all night lol :D Purly because one tactical mistake can end up costing you a third of you're army or worse.

Bugs are a little hard at first (Especially right out of the box) but once you've mastered screening and tunneling they're ok.
I'm saying Skinnies, because although I don't play them my mate does and there seem to be a lot of sensibilities to work out before you become accustomed to their playing style.
I don't know where I'd start picking a force for skinnies (well apart from discounting all the models I don't like but thats a poor method :)), so much choice, and all so different.
Gotta be a real bummer if you discover you don't like playstyle of the faction you choose.

Well actually I like the idea of slaves, I can't believe they cost the same as a cliff mite! (Even if they do try and run off from time to time) Now if only the skinny bomb still existed, although after much discusion with others I can see why they might not want that tactic in the game anymore.
Aww don't be too sad, you will get air assets in 2007! :shock: Pick a lot of Venerables as they are the only access to AA you have right now.

For this reason I pick Skinnies as they are going to be way hard to learn to play once everyone figures out their weaknesses.