Weird Contradiction in Paranoia


I know contradictions are par for the course in the world of Paranoia but I wasn't expecting them within the rules 😁. I have a few question, the book is great but I'm not always able to find the answers I need:

1) The Riot Shield in all its descriptions says "-1 success from an attack roll before determining damage" I've thought about this, the system as I understand involves the attack roll and the amount of successes give you damage. On that basis I can't see what the difference is. a DIFF one roll with 2 success gets a HURT for hitting the DIFF plus one more (so INJURED) for the extra success which if taken off for armour ends up with 1 HURT level. Taking one success off before calculating damage still ends up hitting the DIFF and getting one HURT ? I'm just worried I'm missing something in the combat rules.

2) Is 8 the maximum MOXIE ?

3) Reflec Armour. On p38 of the Core Book it says "Remove one success from a laser success of the same colour clearance or lower, it also says this armour is Lvl 1. On p107 it says the armour is Lvl 0 and "blocks all laser shots of equal or lower colour" (on p33 of the core it says armour is -1 per level so 0 blocking everything again seems odd). This seemed insanely generous to me (especially compared with other armours like Double or Kevlar) so I assumed the former must be correct. The answer I got on the KS page from Mongoose was "We'll check this one out but, at first glance, I would say either works - all depends how generous you are feeling as GM :)" which is fine, I know Paranoia is a loose game but to have the books contradict each by that degree (it's not a point or 2 of damage potentially) feels odd and makes me wonder if one or the other reading would disrupt the game (in a bad way rather than the good way you want). I just checked the GM screen and to my surprise it says the second version, that ALL laser hits of the appropriate colour are blocked. What do people think ?