Using ragadorn ale-house brawl rules for combat

This idea is to make combat more like the board game in the magnamund companion, which is less abstract than the regular rules:

Each character has a Movement rating which determines how far a character character can move each combat round. Each class determines Movement:

Kai Lord: 4 (Hunting Discipline:+1)
Herbwarden of Bautar: 3
Brother of the Crystal Star: 3 (Vigour: +1 for duration of combat)
Magician of Dessi; 3
Kloon Sage: 3
Dwarf Gunner of Bor: 3
Stornlands Mercenary: 4 for Humans, 5 for Ogrons, 3 for Dwarves
Knight of the White Mountain: 4
Sommlending Knight of the Realm: 4
Ice Barbarian: 4 (Icebound: +2 on skis)
Vakaros Warrior-Mage: 4
Border Ranger of the north: 4 (Mark of the Huntsman: +1 in wilderness)
Buccaneer of Shadaki: 4 (Swashbuckling: +1)
Techoi Warrior: 4 (Serpents Speed:+1 in combat)
Stornlands Assassin: 4
Noodnic Scavenger: 3

Horses typically have a Movement of 8, and most npcs will have 4. Academic types, short or overweight npcs will generally have 3 Movement. Athletic, agile npcs may have Movement 5.

The Combat Round

Each combat round is divided into 4 quarters:

Movement Quarter
Each combatant, acting in order of their CS, may move 5 feet (or the number of 5 foot squares if using a grid) per Movement rating. This is modified as follows:

Climbing onto/off a table: -1 square/-5 feet
Climb over body/obstacle: -1 square/-5 feet
Pick up item: -1 square/-5 feet
Mount/Dismount horse:-2 squares/-10 feet
Climb through window/open door/climb over small wall: -2 squares/-10 feet
Evading/running (no other actions possible this round): +2 squares/+10 feet
Drawing a small-sized weapon (dagger): -1 square/-5 feet
Drawing a medium-sized weapon (sword, handgun, warhammer, axe): -2 squares/-10 feet
Drawing a large-sized weapon (broadsword, bow, crossbow, bor musket): -3 squares/-15 feet

If movement brings a character in close contact with another target, they both are now engaged in combat.

Missile Quarter
Any character not engaged in combat, and armed with a missile weapon, may fire, acting in order of CS. Those characters will missile type spells, such as Lightning Hand, may also cast them during this quarter.
Missile weapons of all types, including spells, are reduced in effectiveness by range. Each weapon has a Short, Medium and Long range. You may fire a missile weapon up to Short range, without penalty. When the target is within Medium range, you must subtract -2 CS. If they are within Long range, subtract -4 CS. Except for thrown weapons, you may use a missile weapon up a maximum distance of double the long range. This attack is made at -6CS, and requires a full round to aim, else the shot will simply fail.

Dagger: 15/30/45 feet
Axe/Other thrown weapon: 10/20/30 feet
Small improvised item (bottle, rock, torch): 10/20/30 feet
Medium improvised item (chair, bucket, broom): 5/10/15 feet
Bor Musket: 60/120/180 feet
Bor Long Rifle: 120/240/360 feet
Bow:100/200/300 feet
Bombard: 250/500/750 feet
Cannon: 200/400/600 feet
Crossbow: 120/240/360 feet
Handgun: 30/60/90 feet
Shiel-fa: 25/50/75 feet
Sling: 25/50/75 feet
Spear:25/50/75 feet
Trident: 25/50/75 feet
Missile Spell: 100/200/300 feet

Combat Quarter
Characters who are engaged with an enemy, may now attack a target, in order of CS. When attacking another player, or a named npc, if you are the first to initiate combat, you are treated as the player for this round. Next round, the roles reverse, with you defending against an attack as the "enemy", continuing to alternate each combat round. Against unnamed foes, the players are never treated as "enemies".

Action Quarter
This quarter is reserved for any other action that a character is performing, that doesnt fit into the other quarters, such as picking a lock or casting a non-missile spell. A character cannot be engaged in combat to perform these actions. This action is not necessary for instantaneous spells, such as Countermagic. Each character acts in order of their CS for these actions.

Characters can always act during the movement quarter, and will act on one of the other quarters of the round, depending on their choice of action.
these look quite workable. I would probably add a ready weapon/spell phase before movement to allow missile attacks to take place before or during movement ifor those with weapons loaded and ready to fire.