Useful Figures?

Hope I'm not duplicating anything from previous threads but here are some suggestions for some useful figures:
Redoubt Miniatures: Produce some great Trojan War ships one of which would make a good small pirate/Stygian galley depending on how you paint it up. Easy to add extras to customize it. The other ship would make a good trading galley.
Black Kingdoms: Foundry produce some excellent Darkest Africa figures that are perfect for a variety of tribal types, even some women warriors and, for the more risque, naked warriors.
Wazulis etc: Foundry have some useful figs in their Indian range. Also one or two of their Zanzibaris might be handy.
Animals: Copplestone Castings have some great yaks, including pack yaks, polar bears as well, I think. Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Co. also produce some great jungle animals (same sculptor as Copplestone) and also some dinosaurs.
Further to the previous here are some web addresses:
Copplestone Castings:
Redoubt Enterprises:
Wargames Foundry:
Reaper. I love the sheer range of characters they offer. Not all of their Dark Heavens minis are appropriate for Conan games, but many are.