Underwater Lab


Banded Mongoose
Hi all, I am working on an underwater station. Specifically a research lab with some fabrication stuff.
Context: It is in a remote underwater area on Jacent (Darryan Federation).
In this station there is some advanced bio engineering going on. Furthermore they receive loads of minerals from underwater miners in the area that they use to produce robots (I am putting the new Robot book to good work here).

Now I need some inspiration what to find there. I came up with the following so far:
  • Photosynthesis Watertanks
  • Gene Lab with different stages of experiments
  • Incubation Cylinders
  • Bio Mass Generators
  • Cyro Lab with soldier experiments
  • Replicator and Robotic Lab Fabrication chamber
  • Storage Area for robots, droids and electrical hardware
  • Secure Area: Nano Swarm Contructor Queen under construction
  • Mine and smelting plant
I would be glad for further inspiration. Thanks!
Staff areas including living quarters, galley, lounge.
Some sort of airlock arrangement for ships to dock at.
Offices for head staff and administration.
Maybe a security office.
Engineering: power plant, life support, waste management
Vehicle Bay: submersibles and rovers for the human crew
Hydrolysis/Desalination Chambers and clean water storage
I would use a fuel purifier for the Desal plant. Fuel tankage for water storage.
Biosphere space already mentioned.
Lab space for each of the projects.
HG has rules for mine drones and refinery, just decide your output.
Profession spaces for offices
Hangars or large airlocks for ease of transfer of goods.
What is the reason for this station to be underwater? It has to be something very drastic if somebody puts in the extra effort and costs that comes with such a location.
Great, thanks for the feedback! That is very useful for me.
And the reason it is underwater is that Jacent is an underwater world.
  • Observation deck or concourse with "glass" walls, ceiling and floor. (Obviously something stronger than real glass.)
  • A "day room" with grass floor. Walls and ceiling are high res view screens only showing a summer sky and horizon. Good for UV plus psychological health. Very well done, except the ceiling/sky is lower than it could be. Locals do not appreciate anyone pointing this out, they've blocked it out.
  • Rooms full of pumping equipment for disaster mitigation and recovery. Not used except for maintenance checking on them occasionally, so could be used to cache something or hide someone if no one is looking for it, but not actually secret.
  • Modular, bulkhead design so sections can be sealed off in case of flooding. Blast doors fully open but obvious at certain lengths of corridor.
  • Gene lab and other bioresearch sections each fill their own bulkhead sections, so in the worst case one or all could be flooded deliberately without losing the station, or any upper management, and only acceptable losses to regular personnel. This is on a need-to-know basis, and no one except upper management needs to know.
  • Emergency escape stations that jettison pressure-safe bubbles stocked with canned air, water, a little food and a radio beacon. The idea started with off-world safety standards; locals would all try to catch a sub or just shelter in place, an ocean world is too vast for a bubble/life raft to be a good idea. Every launch gets logged and triggers an alarm, the management aren't fools.
  • Security personnel are normally stunners only. Arms lockers do have firearms with frangible ammo only, but are also heavy on still more stunners, blades, harpoon guns, even a few Wasp Co2 injection knives, but no regular firearms ammo, and no laser weapons. Heavy screening of inbound ships and visitors for such weapons.
Some Dolphin staff.

Dolphins in walking land-suits. A robot dolphin outside that's a drone remotely piloted by a human liaison. A humanoid robot inside that's a drone remotely piloted by a dolphin liaison. A blind, psionic, albino dolphin in a tank; originally a volunteer, but things have gotten fuzzy.