Ultimate Core Classes

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It would be nice if the kind folks at Mongoose would compile the best of the numerous new and alternate core classes in one volume.
Of course, their own Power Classes should be included but there are plenty of other good classes from different publishers such as the Acrobat (City Works by Legends and Lairs), Martial Artist (Beyond Monks), The Cavalier (Village of Thumble), Infiltrator (Kalamar), Brigand (Kalamar), Gladiator (Kalamar), Sailor (DL Age of Mortals), all of the classes from Mercenaries (AEG) or Magic (AEG), The Unholy Warrior (GR), The Avatar (GR), Shaman (GR), The Witch (heck, all the versions), The Archer (Sovereign Stone), Ninja (AEG), and so on.
AFAIK, Kalamar is not open game content - they have a special license deal with WotC but the world is treated similarly to things like Dragonlance and Ravenloft in that nothing contained therein is "open".

Anyway, a book of Core Classes would be a great idea, I think. What would make it even better would be guidelines for designing your own core classes.