Two Weapon Strike & Cleave


Two Weapon Strike & Cleave

How would these 2 feats work together?
If the Two weapon strike drops an opponent would the feat also apply to the Cleave extra attack?
Since it is an attack , in light of the rules i would say... YES

But maybe i can be wrong...

i have some questions over TWS, how does AP work with TWS? Do you use AP for each weapon, or use AP like it would be just one attack? Do you had 1,5 str like a 2handed weapon or not?

And how does PA work with TWS? Works like a 1handed weapon or like a 2handed weapon?

Anyway i´ll be using TWS as if it was 2handed weapon, i think it´s more logic and more simple...
The two weapon strike is a special attack allowed only once per round, which actually takes two attacks from your total number of attacks per round. The cleave attacks are extra attacks, and I don't think you can use TWS with those, since the TWS can be used only once per round.

Regarding AP, you make the attack with your best wepons' AP. Then roll damage for each weapon, add 1xstr for primary weapon, .5xstr for off hand weapon. If you rolled a threat, you have to confirm each wepon's critical, then add the applicable modifiers to the confirmed critical(s) only.
I would have said this.

With cleave if ANY attack drops an opponent, then you get that SAME attack onto another opponent if valid.

But just one attack, not another full round attack.

So if you drop someone with your primary weapon you get a hack with your primary weapon on the second target, and then you still have your off hand weapon which you can use.
If you attack with your primary weapon wound your target, then finish them off with the secondary, you would get a cleave with the secondary weapon at the same bonus to hit, on another target.
Yes, but we were talking about a feat in Hyborias Fiercest that enables you to strike with two weapons 1handed as a sole attack roll...

Well i´ll have to go see HFiercest to see how they say it works...
But i don´t rember is saying you could only use it once per round... (it said that you gave up one attack with your main an Offhand to do it)... well i didn´t really gave much attention... i´ll have to go see it...

My question of how PA works is still on... you add it once, or twice?
About PA, it is possible that you get to add it only once, because fighting with two weapons, it is most likely that your off hand weapon is a light weapon so you don't incur in to hit penalties, and PA can't be used with light weapons. The feat functions more as if you added your off hand weapon's damage to your primary weapon, that's how I see it.

Hyboria's Fiercest does say TWS is used once per round. It takes your best attacks form primary and secondary hand weapons, the attack is resolved as per your primary weapon. If the attack succeeds, you determine damage as usual for each weapon. Crits have to be confirmed separately though.
Cleave: if you deal a creature enough damage to make it drop, typically by dropping it to bellow 0 hit points or killing it you get an immediate, extra melee attack against another creature within reach. You cannot take a 5 foot step before making this extra attack. The extra attack is with the same weapon and the same bonus as the attack that dropped the previous creature; you can use this ability once per round

Two Weapon Strike: When armed with slashing weapons in both hands, you can make a special attack once per round using both weapons. You combine your best primary hand attack with your best off hand attack, making a single attack roll based on your best primary hand attack bonus (as modified as usual for two-weapon fighting). This attack roll determines the result for both attacks. Determine threats and critical hits individually for each weapon, but otherwise as usual. If both attacks hit, total up the damage done and apply it as thought it were a single attack for all purposes, including punching through damage reduction and causing death by massive damage.

“The extra attack is with the same weapon and the same bonus as the attack that dropped the previous creature”

Here is where the question comes in, if you dropped the opponent with 2WS (Two Weapon Strike) you used both weapons to drop the opponent not the primary not the secondary, both,
I would probably rule as Voltumna mentioned but it would be more because as a DM I would think this to be to overpowering (and I tend to be a hardass when I DM :roll: ) on the other hand this is essentially the same as the character using a 2 handed weapon an in that sense so comparing it would not be overpowering except that the guy with 2 weapons needs one more feat to do the same