Triggy vs Matt Signs and Portents Battle Report


Yay, I'm going to be in print very soon...

Retribution At Quadrant 15
Time for a heavyweight battle report between ACTA games designer Matthew Sprange and top tournament player Tristan Lomas. Can Tristan live with the B5 maestro?

S&P Preview

Don't miss it as it's a great battle :)

5 FAP War
Psi Corps (Triggy) vs Interstellar Alliance (Matt Sprange)
quick pointer on this:
triggys fleet was slightly illegal. you cant use a war point to buy a battle and 4 skirmish according to the official breakdowns which is obviously what was done to get the omega and 4 chronos.
you would have had to have done like matt and break it down level by level which is why he had to take the Liandra and 2 bluestars rather than everyones choice of 4 bluestars.
This would be a result of some last-minute fleet changes due to available models and not knowing off the top of my head just how the War FAPs are split.

I still can't believe how close the game was or how it turned around so rapidly :( (my beams and Matt's White Stars)
Have not read it throughly yet but can't believe it went on for so many turns - never seen a game go beyond 8 turns - even at that high point value...................... :shock:
We've had a couple, but usually because it was smaller ships scrambling around avoiding the engagement.

Was nice to see the Psi recover from the big beam turn, even if they didn't pull it out. Still that run of bad luck on Triggy's side with the ISA's good turns was more than anyone could be expected to handle.

Not that the ISA didn't have their bad... drifting Vickies and all.