Traveller: The New Era - Now on our Website!


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Traveller: The New Era pushed the timeline of the Charted Space universe ever further into the Far Future.

And now you can find the entire core range of Traveller: The New Era on our website!

More to follow...

It was a change too far for me - I didn't mind the d10 systems used in T2300 et al (yes I know that the d10 system changed between games).
I liked the setting, the core concepts of exploration and rebuilding were very welcome after the devastation of hard Times.

Some of the supplements are among the best ever produced for Traveller.
I have the old FFE CD-ROM versions and while they are readable, there are some rough and blurry scans. This is most clearly notable when there is text on non-white background, the grey "raster" background being the worst wrt to legibility. The old scans are okay, mind you, passable by today's standards. I'd just hope we'd get new, better scans of the books someday.
The rulebook, alas, is not the Mark 1, Mod 1 edition, and I have to assume the version of Fire, Fusion and Steel on offer is also not the corrected one.
I proudly associate myself with the Anti-Virus grogs.
For one thing, I thought the Rebellion was broken enough to get fans more interested in sectors other than the Marches or the Rim.
For another, I thought Virus itself was too much 'whizz bang'. Electronic and Cyber warfare has ALWAYS been around in the OTU and the idea that TL 15 protections wouldn't even hinder an AI infection was pretty ridiculous in my view. According to Traveller's TL system, the Imperium had been fussing with the edges of fully self-aware AI since the Solomani Rim War [the beginning of TL 14]. So you mean to tell me that in 120 years of standing at the edge of that pool nobody thought 'what if this thing gets loose' and put together a solution for that?
Let's just say that MY TU stops at about 1125 or so. The Third Imperium is well and truly broken up and most of the dreadnoughts have shot themselves to pieces. But at this point Dulinor's Coronation Fleet meets Lucan's Vengeance Fleet and both of them destroy each other. Margaret takes the throne and spends the rest of her reign trying to pick up the broken glass.
And DON'T get me started on Bwana's Star Viking silliness.