T'Rakk and T'Norr plus other missing ships


Hi Mongoose,

As an avid Call to Arms players I always look forward to downloading Signs and Portents and going straight to the Call to Arms Pages. Several of us from the call to arms pages have mentioned various times about missing ships. I realise that Mongoose will be realising Armegeddon shortly however it would be good to see some of these missing ships in Signs and Portents. Ships like the T'Rakk and T'Norr which can be converted using T'Loths plus the Drazi EyeHawk, Abbai Juyaca Dreadnought and Vree Xeel Light Cruiser to name but a few. I am sure that many current models could be used for said ships and I am sure that players would love to see them much in the same way as the raiders got a little boost by the Argent setting. Also speaking of raiders, it would be nice to see some more patrol, skirmish and raid level raider ships available.

I hope something can be done.


Thanks Matt, just my suggestions for the T'rakk and T'Norr:

T’Rakk Class Plasma Frigate Priority Level: Skirmish
Speed: 10 In Service: 2240+
Turns: 2/45 Craft: None
Hull: 5 Special Rules: Shuttle 1
Troops: 4
Damage: 26/6 Crew: 30/7
Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Heavy Plasma Cannon 15 B 4 AP, Double Damage
Light Pulse Cannon 8 F 6
Light Pulse Cannon 8 A 6
Light Pulse Cannon 8 P 6
Light Pulse Cannon 8 S 6

T’Norr Class Attack Cruiser Priority Level: Raid
Speed: 6 In Service: 2255+
Turns: 1/45 Craft: 1 Gorith Flight
Troops: 4
Hull: 6 Special Rules: Jump Point
Damage: 34/7 Crew: 42/
Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Heavy Plasma Cannon 18 B 3 AP, Double Damage
Ion Torpedoes 20 F 2 Super AP, Precise
Light Pulse Cannon 8 F 5
Light Pulse Cannon 8 A 5
Light Pulse Cannon 8 P 5
Light Pulse Cannon 8 S 5

Feel free to use them or slightly change them, but still excellent news that we will see at least one of these missing ships, cheers for the heads up :D
as you guys have now stated that the the T'Rakk is going to appear, any ideas when it is likely to show its face???
So any news on when the T'Rakk and T'Norr are going to surface.. especially as the T'Rakk appears in the Armageddon book engaging an ancient) but without stats..... come on Mongoose................