Tower of the Elephant DriveThruPDF problems


I recently downloaded the .PDF of the "Tower of the Elephant" adventure. The .pdf is missing the front and back cover of the adventure, including (I assume) the interior map of the tower!!!!

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there supposed to be an interior map of the tower? Can anyone at Mongoose help resolve this?
Same for Heretics of Tarantia... it's missing the cover and the map of Tarantia on the inside.... could we get some Mongoose attention?
Hope it is solved soon, since I was about to purchase Tower of The Elephant when I saw this. Now I will have to wait. :cry:

By the way, Drivethru's Hyboria's Fallen has the same problem, so I hope the cover is restored to it. Not that I'm upset, as there was no map on the cover, but it is quite odd when you open the file and go straight to the index&credits :shock:
And here I thought I was the only one so blessed. :? Ah well. No more Drivethru for me. Looks like I'll have to spend the money and get the real thing.
Just wanted to say I received a email yesterday telling me that the Hyboria's Fallen matter is solved (have to download yet, but hope there are no further surprises).

throrII, you can try what I did. I used the direction for sales troubleshooting given in the Contact section in the page
I think it was something to the efect of, but I am not sure. Anyway, it is easy enough to find it.

They answered me in just two days, so it seems that the trouble can be solved quickly enough if you know where to ask (Drivethru had nothing to do with it, it was a mistake from the PDFs Mongoose gave them).

If this fails, just call Dain and his assorted Dwarven army to "persuade" the mongoosers... :wink:

Oh, and please tell when it is solved. I intend to purchase Tower from Drivethru, so I'll be grateful if anybody tells me about the solution given to this mess.