Thieves' Guildmaster, Book 9


Before you lies a huge chamber. Its walls are hung with silk and fine tapestries and its sunken floor is piled high with glittering treasures. As you enter, a perfumed breeze ruffles your hair and the sound of song-birds fills your ears.

Sogh leads you past a bubbling pool of crystal-clear water into an antechamber. Here, lying on a couch of vivid scarlet, rests the ruler of this sanctuary, dressed in an extravagant costume of many colours. His large, squarish face is framed by a hood trimmed with a strange purple fur. He stirs from his slumber and opens his coal-black eyes...'I, Maghana, the Guildmaster of Thieves, in all the years I have dwelt beneath the velvet fortress, I have dispatched many men to the Tahou Cauldron to seek out ancient treasures...'

:: The Cauldron of Fear, sections 243, 305

Was there ever anything else in any of the books about Maghana or his guild or the funky green gem he had? Or is that an S&P article? ;)
Well, as far as I know, that was his only appearance - at least up to The Darke Crusade ...

That funky green gem, however had a funky red brother in the Grey Star books. :D You can get a Mind Gem in The Forbidden City, when you free Samu from the mental control of the Slavemaster - one of my favourite pieces of equipment! (Not Samu, the Mind Gem of course! :wink:)

I believe Adamas also had a green gem that he used to interogate Lone Wolf ifyou hadn't met him in an earlier book. This shows up at the seige of Torgar in suprise, suprise the Dungeons Of Torgar.
Yeah, you're right! Forgot that one ...

After doing a short research, I even managed to scare up the paragraphs where you "meet" the Mind Gems; for The Forbodden City, start at 144, and for Dungeons of Torgar, start at 6, have never been to Talestria, and try to keep your mission a secret.