The Telchos - fast as fast can be?


Okay, my group just picked up a new player, and he gave a look over the Telchos, thinking that'd be the way for him to go. We started talking it over until we realized that though the class is written as "swift, fast, etc" that it's Reflex saves were the worst of his lot. Sure, they have AC modifiers reflective of insane reactions, a hastened movement rate, but why are their reflexes so slow if they are supposed to (slight paraphrase) "often be mid-stike before others even realize that there is danger"?



Yeah, I noticed that as well. :) I think the devs thought that anyone using the telchos will already pump in the highest ability score into dexterity, thus increasing the reflex save, not to mention the fact the telchos gets built in iron will, lightning reflexes and great fortitude feats.

If it really bothers you, simply switch it for will, I would say.