The Sorceror from Conan the Barbarian



Hey guys, I was just thinking what would be the stats on the sorceror from the movies, I can't recall his name except that he was arftully portrayed by the well known actor Mako.

Someone a feew posts ago, said that when saved Conan's soul, in the first movie, that the spell he used might be considered the revers of Draw Forth the Soul.
I liked the idea, and I am now trying to compile a corruption-free (or almost free) neutral/ good sorceror (yes I know I should not have used those words).
It would be a challenge, but not too hard to come up with his stats, and why he lived in the tiny hut in the graveyard or something like that.
Thanks y'all.
His name was Akiro. He was a necromancer (thus the graveyard), a diviner and a summoner (he can summon demons more powerful than all in Hell to do his bidding). His actions in Conan the Destroyer show him to also be a conjurer (he could force down doors).

Essentially he did a mystical healing by commanding the dead (or demons) to restore Conan to health. The demons and/or the dead wanted him to die. Akiro had to protect Conan from death, essentially, either a counterspell or necromancy.

Thulsa Doom did not draw out Conan's soul - he hung him on a tree. Conan was nearly dead from that experience and was probably dying of internal and external bleeding. I doubt the reverse of Draw Out the Soul would do anything for Conan in the situation he was in.
Thanks Vincent,
I appreciate your prompt response, would you care to do some stats for Akiro?

Thanks, in anycase.
I was the one who suggested a Restoration type spell, that would be similar in reverse to Draw Forth the Soul, presented on page 204 of my 'old' Conan RPG tome (I will order an Atlantean Ed through Sons of Cimmeria).

The base spell mechanics for the spell would be similar, except a non- corrupt Sorceror (Or Mitran Priest or similar) would have different Pre-Requisites. The spell is cast at night. The spell would count as a major spell, only castable once on the same target, and subject to the Mighty Spells and Runaway Magic risks.

The target must be recieved as a Left for Dead, or recently deceased (-10). Special preparatory salves and runes painted onto the body (while chanting the ritual of restoration. Hey maybe a new Sorcery feat?), preserve the body and reduce any hit point loss to only -1HPt per hour instead of every round - thus enabling the ritual to proceed. Once the Ritual starts there's no further hit point loss unless it fails. The target's Con is assumed to be down to 1.

The Power costs could be 20 to establish, followed by as many points as the difference between the original Con of the target and 1, per hour. The caster makes a magic attack roll against the Spirits of the Afterworld, that come to take the Soul of the target. Each successfull roll v's the Will (Plus modifiers) of the Spirits, cast each hour, restores an initial one point of Constitution to the target. The next successful magic roll restores two points, reducing the power point cost - and so on. Each failed roll vs the Spirits makes the cost one point higher. Success is achieved when the target has all of their Con restored to it's normal total, wherein they are taken to 1 hit point and must recover according to the healing rules on pages 172/173.
This is rather like a drawn out War of Souls. The spell must be cast within a certian time limit of the target's imminent 'final death'. Power rituals may keep the caster 'up; in power while the ritual is in progress (Table 8-1, page 190) - like with a circle of supporting celebrants (Maybe in a sacred grotto or temple).

Of course - if the dying/ dead target has their Soul already promised to a Demon, then the DC is set as the demon's will, plus it's corruption, and any other modifiers. The demon may decide to 'get even' with the interfering interloper.

This is the idea anyway ... anyone may make some modifications or changes. I think that it's sufficiently difficult to preclude it from being vetry commonly used. It's definately interfering in Fate, so inclusion in the Immortality spell class perhaps?

Pre-requisites could be: MAB of +7 or higher, Healing, Warding, Greater Warding. Priest or tribal equivalent)
I can't remember if Valeria promised to " Pay the Gods" to ensure that Conan's Soul wasn't taken during Akiro's ritual. This could be a new Feat.

When a Player (or NPC even) is in imminent danger of Death (Target of a Draw Forth the Soul, during it's final stages perhaps ...), another Player may offer to "Pay the Gods". This could be sorta like using a Fate Point or two. The victim is miraculaously restored/ cured/ saved BUT the Player who volunteered to Pay the Gods, will have to survive the next whole adventure without using any Fate to save themselves. Pay the Gods can be used without using that Player's Fate at all or with nil points remaining (to either).

Anything that causes their death will make them die permanently ... IE- No Left for Dead. Normal healing will still work, but a failed roll on Massive Damage will send them permanently to the grave (As Valeria in the movie)

If the player unfortunately dies during the next adventure, then they are granted a number of 'reapperances' as a beneficial apparition equal to thier remaining stock of Fate points that they had before death. Each appearance lasts for as many rounds or turns as the remaining Fate point total, at the discretion of the GM. The ghost cannot influence anything in the mortal world in a physical sense, but may spy, scout, listen, inform, advise, communicate, use past relevant skills(non-physical), etc.

If an additional Fate point is used up in an appearance, then the ghost may physically influence the mortal world to some degree (GM's moderation).

Hence ... Valeria's ghostly sword sweep, though the eyes of the warrior for Conan's benefit. Maybe no physical damage can be dealt, but the 'phantom' damage causes pain or temporary damage to the enemy's spirit (?)

Any ideas Anyone ?
Keep these good ideas coming.
I am not suggesting that we need to retool the magic system to make it "shiny, happy, people holding hands"-friendly, but I do like these ideas for some non-corrupt type spells.
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