The Quintessential Bladesinger

Would you like to see Bladesinger made into a Class in a Quintessential Guid of its own

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Scion Kai

I've been waiting for someone to write a Book that focused on this much loved but not very touched on Class. It's gone from a a Kit in the second Edition AD&D Complete Guide to Elves, to a prestige class in 3.5. But I think for everyone who has played one it really isn't either, but a class unto itself. In a way it is like the Kai Lord, they are Warriors who totaly devote their lives to studying the blade and Defending the Elves from every possible enemy. They have many different Guilds,each with diferent fightingstyles, wich opens the classs up for diversification and seperation into sub classes.

I hope I am not alone in this, caus the potential for this class is very exciting.
Take care and God Bless.
The raumathari battlemage, also a kit from 2nd ed, and now an excellent prc, could use one as well.
I agree. While Witchs, Samuria, and Chaos Mages (I call 'em Wild Users) make logical sense for a Quin. book, I don't think it would work as a core class due to it's restrictions to race and weapon....with that said, if it was edited in such a way that said restrictions would be gone, I think the class would make a good Quin. book or at the least a Powerclass.
While I would not need such a book, I am fascinated with all things elvish. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another book detailing another aspect of the elven culture.
Another possibility would be to make an article on Bladesingers in Signs & Portents. After all, they have already done two power classes if memory serve : crusader and charimatic.
Bump. Just wanted to keep the topic alive. I really belive this class has so much potential, that it could use a book of some kind to define it.

God bless y'all
I have loved Bladesingers since they were first introduced. I based my ren faire character around a combination of a Kai Lord and a Bladesinger, and it seems to have served me well.

The problem many people might have with the class is that it's either too powerful as a standalone class, or that it takes a mid-level character to qualify to play one, and that's frustrating. I'm of the opinion that it makes a fine class on its own, and it needs a revision to balance with other classes while still keeping its flavor.

An elven fighter/mage that bonds with his weapon of choice so he can defend his way of living, specifically centered around an elven culture. It looks like what one might consider a 'typical' elven class, much as they may have been originally conceived? (remember the original D&D elf class?) Seems like a viable class description to me.

Anyway, I'm glad you revived this thread, as it seems like a fine idea to me. :)

I must be coming at it from a different angle.

First, as it's a WoTC term, I doubt that Mongoose would want to touch it.

Second, it's got an official version. Could more be done with it? Sure but does more really need to be? Probably not.

How many variant fighter-mages do we really need?

A lot of people howl that the new version isn't powerful enough and doesn't reflect the abilities the kit first granted the concept in 2nd edition AD&D and in many ways, they're right. 3rd edition solified a lot of ideas into more manageable chunks and more classes are equal now.

Would I like to see them handle some type of core class fighter-mage like the Mage Blade from Arcana Unearthed? Sure.

The Bladesinger itself though? Nope.