The Great Rift Kickstarter is Live!


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Good afternoon, Travellers!

We are very proud to announce that the Kickstarter for the Great Rift and Deep Space Exploration box set for the Traveller RPG is now live - come and join us!

This is a project that has been very close to our hearts as we have prepared to explore one of the most mysterious areas of the Official Traveller universe - the Great Rift. Penned by fan-favourite M J Dougherty, this box set details not only the sectors of the Great Rift but also provides a comprehensive guide to deep space exploration and the mysteries that can be found far from the shipping lanes. Want to now what is in the empty hexes of a sector map? Want to know what happens when a Free Trader gets too close to a black hole (we have some excellent art for that!)? This box set will have all the answers.

We are working on the Great Rift box set right now, and already have some preview materials to show you - new ships, maps and sample chapters - all of which can be downloaded from the link above. We will also be doing regular updates throughout the Kickstarter process, showing you exactly what new text and artwork is being created, and giving you all the chance to influence this exciting new box set.

Come visit the Far Future - it is a lot of fun!



Emperor Mongoose
The preview materials look great. So many possibilities. The Armstrong is terrific. Can't wait to see the whole thing next year!


Banded Mongoose
Megabrill! The first ever time I've backed something on Kickstarter, too.

Previews look great.



Yay! This is the Traveller supplement I've been waiting for! My favourite supplement has always been Book 6 and I've wanted an updated version for Mongoose - this sounds like it might do the job :D


Emperor Mongoose
May I suggest one last potential stretch goal and something that may well get more people aboard the kickstarter.

Another book - or an extension to the book - detailing deep space exploration in other eras and areas of the OTU:
Solomani Rimward expedition
Zhodani core expeditions
Aslan expeditions
Hiver exploratory missions
Vargr expeditions
IN and IISS long range exploratory missions (AotI was quite a revelation in this regard)


Emperor Mongoose
Final stretch goal achieved with 11 days to go.

If you want to raise more money another stretch goal may be in order...