TAS project "Ships Of Gold"


Cosmic Mongoose
With the TAS now open for business, I have been told I can use that route to put out My project.

Currently, it's around 138 pages, Including statistics, examples of ships, NPCS, Plot seeds, and Deckplans. The editing and play testing is done for Mongoose 1ed, and in rewrite for 2nd ed.

I am going to aim at releasing the material as soon as I can get it formatted, and suitable for publication. Any questions, suggestions, or any interest in Joining the project is welcomed.

(sample of Book)

Section One: Labs, facilities, And Deluxe Accommodations
Section Two: Modules
Section Three: Drones and Remotes
Section Four: Small Craft
Section Five: Small Starships ( 100-400 Tons)
Section Six: Medium Starships: (500-1000 tons)
Section Seven: Large Starships: (1000-3000 Tons)
Section Eight: Sample Vessels, Crews, Adventure Seeds.

STARSHIPS: Life blood of the Imperium
Starships, the life blood of interstellar commerce and communications. One of the defining characteristics of a major power is the ability to independently design, construct and operate starships. These advanced marvels of modern engineering transport goods, passengers, and information across vast distances.
In addition the starship is the first line of defence, protecting the holdings, and interests of the powers that construct them. Without a powerful fleet, and fleets of scouts, and patrol craft a society is at the mercy of those who posses any form of armed starships.
Whether it is a simple, slow-moving cargo hauler or a sleek and powerful frigate starships are complex and expensive machines. Power systems, drives, computers, and life support systems that are the leading edge of a worlds technological expertise. the Power systems and computers of a battered decades old tramp freighter are sufficient to run small cities, and coordinate an entire factory complex. this complexity and reliability have a price, resources, time and technical skill beyond that of the average vehicle.
Despite the importance, and technological sophistication the Starship seldom receives a second glance on advanced worlds, they have simply become an accepted part of life. The sophants who operate these vessels are both respected for their professional skill, and somewhat looked down on at the same time. Their skills are invaluable, however, the lifestyle, and popular image of the hard drinking, drifter always on the move with no loyalties to anyone but to his ship, has been popularised in media. drawing disdain, and suspicion from many. Like the vessels they operate the spacer sometimes is overlooked, and under appreciated by the society they make possible.


2000 Ton Rhanna Class Heavy commercial transport/Freighter.


Rhanna Class 2000 ton Jump 3 Freighters
To fill a request from several companies for a long range vessel capable of carrying 1000 tons of cargo the Rhanna class Was introduced by a consortium of ship builders in several sectors of the Spinward regions. The Rhanna gained popularity and is now used heavily on routes that require the vessels longer jump capabilities.
The Rhanna class is a dedicated cargo hauler designed for operation on a well established routes. It carries a large cargo, which can be increased by leaving behind the vessels standard complement of boats, and 50 ton cutter. While slow and unresponsive in vessels normal space operations, and not well suited for orbit to surface, and surface to orbit flight, the vessel can handle loads as large as small starships without difficulty.
The standard Hull of the Rhanna makes it an easy vessel to modify for specialized roles. Passenger, Modular container haulers, and mobile fuel stations. Repair and recovery vessels and Military resupply vessels. The frequency of vessels being modified has led to many older vessels becoming available for sale on the used market.
the Rhanna was designed for cargo capacity, and reliability, with interior comforts being considered for passengers and crew. The staterooms are cramped by private vessel and passenger liner standards, but they are comfortable and soundproofed to allow both crew and passengers some degree of privacy. Passenger areas are well appointed with the expected entertainment and comfort features, such as computer access, a small office area, two passenger lounges, and both common and personal entertainment consoles to pass the time while in transit
The Rhanna has a large cargo hold with multiple large cargo doors to allow rapid loading and unloading. It is suited to carrying oversized, and awkward cargoes, vehicles, and small craft internally with the ability to make landfall and deliver its cargo directly if needed.

Imperial Trade Registry Number IcEN-C-454-9901c "The High Seas"
2000 ton Rhanna class Freighter

A New crew and ship the High Seas is a Scheduled Vessel serving the Jewel Subsector of the Spinward Marches. The third vessel belonging to the Hariese Shipping Service the Ship has not yet earned a reputation or any respect among other vessels in the area.
This has led to the vessel having a hard time hiring experienced crews. While the crew is reasonably skilled it hasn't developed the experience to deal with unusual circumstances and emergencies that arise as a part of operating a large starship in a crowded region of space.

Moving Day.
A noble has decided to relocate his household to a more private location. He needs a ship capable of moving his personal vehicles, several prefab generators, material and workers, and part of his personal staff and several family members to oversee the construction of his residence and installation of security systems.
There workers are typically well paid professionals, and do not cause much of a problem. However the family members and staff are used to travelling on luxury liners, or personal yachts and will make ever increasing demands on the crew, treating them like personal servants
. One of the female passengers will begin to make advances, ( despite her status as wife of the nobles Security advisor) and become spiteful if refused. Accusing the offending crewman of insulting her, theft, or making unwanted advances.
Steward rolls, ranging from easy to difficult will keep the troublesome passengers happy, and a diplomacy or Advocate roll (average, to difficult) will convince the Security chief that the accusations are false.

If the crewman gives in to the advances of the Lady, she will disappear from her stateroom, a search of the ship will result in her body being found hidden in a crew only area of the ship. Killed by a blow to the head. The security chief will insist on a full investigation and threaten to have the vessel and crew detained by Imperial Security if they do not cooperate fully.
The investigation will uncover the illicit meetings of the crewman unless he can conceal it ( investigate opposed, difficult) or unless he approaches the Security officer and reveals the affair ( diplomacy or advocate) and convinces him he had nothing to do with the murder.

If the crew has any crew who have the investigate skill, they can discover that the Lady had an ongoing affair with one of the staff. A search of his room will uncover a hammer, not his, and stained with blood hidden in an air vent in the room. The Security chief will detain the person, and collect evidence for a trial, thanking the crew for their assistance.

This vessel is statted out as a Cargo ship, liner, Armed merchantman, Q-ship, and Troop transport. It is just one of over a dozen ship with multiple variations, and sample ships of each type.
The conversion has already begun...

If anyone is interested int he 1.0 stats I can supply them as well.

and Thanks!