Surgery requirements?

Jump Dave

Banded Mongoose
The Core Rulebook (2016 and 2022 updated version both) say:
Surgery requires a hospital or sickbay.

The Field Surgical Kit (CSC pg. 81; TL 5, 0 kg, Cr 1000) provides an exception, but imposes a DM -2 "to Medic Checks" (presumably the Medic check to perform surgery).

On the same page is the Field Medical Kit (TL 6, 3 kg, Cr 500), which mentions it includes among other things surgical supplies (and presumably by mistake is referred to as the "field surgery kit" in the descriptive text). Would this kit also allow surgery to be performed outside a hospital or medbay, and if so would there be any negative DM on the Medic check for the surgery?


Cosmic Mongoose
A little confusing, I agree.
I'm looking at my notes for the upcoming CSC (2022 edition), and in it I combined these two items (literally), so that it gives DM+0 to First aid and DM-2 to surgery performed in the field. Might not survive the editing, but this how I made it look - with a bunch of words and this block:

Field Surgical Kit5Kit for First Aid (DM+0) and surgery (DM-2)3Cr1500


Cosmic Mongoose
If I remember correctly we have "surgery equipment" from ancient Roman Empire, used on Gladiators so we are told. While the patient may had a better chance with the "surgery" than without, his chances were still pretty bad due to infection of the wounds.
I think "surgery" below TL 6 should be pretty brutal and DM-2 is certailny reflecting this.

Jump Dave

Banded Mongoose
Since an updated CSC is in the works: I'd love to see unified TL ranges of options for:
  • Portable first-aid equipment (the current CSC has the First-Aid Kit and Medikit - seems like these could be combined)
  • Extend the time-decreasing options that adhesive bandages provide so that there are some higher-TL options that are even better
  • Portable surgical equipment (there's only the two relatively low-tech options mentioned above, but as Reisender says, surgery dates further back than TL 5 in our own history, and it seems like more advanced portable surgical options should be available as well) -- presumably, like first aid kits and medikits, at lower tech levels the primitive tools would have negative DMs for surgery-related Medic checks, and higher-TL examples could allow those DM to be negated, or even allow positive DMs?
  • A callout rule box or equipment entry for hospital facilities of different TLs -- currently there's an assumed DM of 0 for surgery in a hospital, and a +1 DM for any medical checks including surgery in a ship's medical bay (per High Guard). Presumably, low-TL hospital facilities should be worse venues for first aid, surgery, and recovery, while higher-TL facilities should be better.


Emperor Mongoose
I recall Roman Legion medical equipment quite sophisticated, and there was little restraint in practicing on fresh cadavers.

I believe cataract surgery was performed.

There's always trepanning.