super dungeons in the world of slaine

toothill man

here guys are some ideas for a good old dungeon crawl in the world of slaine first up is

maze of lug the Sungod-

hidden maze were the druids hoard the bulk of their offerings too lug.Many theives and rival cultists have died in this huge and very cunning death trap.Belived too be located somewere in the domain of the shadows its location is only known to the high priests of lug anyone else found too know the location face death by assasin or given the forceful choice too brave the dungeon which no one has ever returned from alive :twisted:
temple of the source-

Now long forgotten there is a huge ruined complex dedicated to Clud a local goddess of the river clyde.The upper temple and the cult was distroyed in a mass formorrian attack over a hundred years ago but no one knows how much of the offerings were taken and how much remains of there large underground complex.The temple and cult has been forgotten by all but a few historians but the ruin is too be found in the highlands of the finians found by using a local guide too take you too the source of the river clyde.
the maze of the bull-

Used as a death sentance for criminals in the fir domain.The cult has long beed disbanded and the massive maze is now in the hands of the tribal elders who use it too remove those who sacrifice is belived wrong like captured midguard spys for example or warriors of a high standing found guilty of treason.the victims are thrown down unarmed and naked into the pool of welcome never too be seen again.The whole maze has a bull theme and some level are said too be protected by bull headed golems set too guard there long dead masters secreats but no one really knows :twisted:
Mad kings folly-

A large natural cave network was turned into a lethal deathtrap too protect a kings tomb he is now remembered if at all by the sessair as the mad king but as well as his remains this complex hides a cursed living shield that is holy too the formorrians,it was the whispers of this evil artifact thay drove him to seem mad.No one has ever managed too get pass the defences left there too release the shield into the world and now a days most sessair dismiss both the mad king as his tomb as a myth.
Abyss of the old ones

Vast unlit labyrinth dedicated too the nameless evil gods worshipped by the formorrians long before even land came from the sea,It hides vast amounts of unholy lore and treasure being onr of the most sacred sites for all the formorrian tribes.Its sacking would be a insult too the whole race.On the surface is a small anicent fort some legends say too keep humans out others to keep the horrors in till the stars a once again right its location is unkown too mortal men some say even hidden from the goddess herself :shock:
the rocks of callum-
a natural maze of rocks and coves which lead to a stair which myth says is the only way into a underwater cave which they say is the whales grave yard with a fortune in whale ivory.callum is a legendary figure some say like the cave he is a myth the location is unknown.