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Hi guys,

The main rulebook for BF Evo (available in March 2007) has, among other things, a complete campaign system - which we are currently availing ourselves of in the office.

Fordy has taken on the mantle of the USMC, Chris the PLA, Old Bear the MEA (predictably), which left me with the EFTF.

Turns one and two were played out last week, seeing all four sides grab territory. There was one brief scuffle between Old Bear and Fordy, which saw the MEA try to create an uprising in a town the USMC had formed close ties with - the rebels were soundly beaten back.

This week will be somewhat more interesting. Fordy took the initiative and struck for the Oil Fields, the central territory we are all aiming to grab. Old Bear, still smarting from last week's contest launched another attack at the same town, this time penetrating deep inside the residential areas before the USMC reacted - they will be fighting an Urban Rumble scenario tomorrow, so expect lots of street-to-street fire fights.

Chris was sneaky. Seeing a clear ath, he aimed straight for an Air Strip currently held by the USMC - if he wins this battle, he will have completely cut off Fordy's attack, undoing all his hard work and forcing him to retreat back to his forward base!

Me? Well, I could have claimed some entry territory or forced Old Bear on to the back foot. But ever one to enjoy an unfair advantage, I too went for the Oil Fields, forcing Fordy to face all three of us in this turn. Even if they win most of their battles, the USMC will be paying a heavy price for their forces being stretched so thin. . .

More updates from the front line as they come in.
You should have named the country you're fighting in Wheretheheckistan. Former Soviet Republic now ruled by an Islamic fundamentalist government. Currency is the Scruple and GNP is equivalent to £4.99...

I can assure the world's media that our forces, led by our inspirational leader Sheikh Yabouthi will be victorious this time. Probably.
"... And now, live news from Kreplakistan with our battle reporter Kristo, where the Oil War rages as the US, Britian, the Chinese and even an organisation known as the MEA are currently waging bloody wars over the oil fields."

"Kristo here with some hotter than lead news, the MEA appearently staged an uprising in an US held town last week. Acording to news the MEA were beaten back, no word yet on the casulaties but we have heard that it was only a minor skirmish.

This week things seems to be heating up as reports tell us that the US Marine Corps have attacked the Oil Fields, making contact with British armed forces in the process. Reports have also reached us that the MEA have staged another uprising and that the outcome may well be different this time.

Reports also reach us that the Chinese have attacked a US held Air Strip, and that the assault is going on as we speak.

Also the MEA has let us known that they will be victorious, but we have yet to see how things turn out.

It appears that the US are taking the brunt of the fighting for now, and it could well be a fatal setback for them. We'll be back with more news as the situation here in Kreplakistan develops."


Just something I thought I'd do, mainly because I think this game will rock!

EDIT: Now on second thought I can't see what point this post has, so why did I post in the first place?
For Old Bear:

Hiromoon said:
Yes Kristovich, they do call you crazy...

Yeah they do, and with some reason I'd guess.

Hiromoon said:
For Fordy! GO USA!

So is this real BF: Evo artwork or just something you dug up from some random site?

If the later, you are a crazy picture digger Hiro...
So I take it they're not official BF: Evo art then?

Talking about it, is there any official BF: Evo artwork that we can see at this moment?
So, can I assume that the rule book would have suggestions on terrain/building types for different parts of the country to work into the campaign?
I can now let the world know that Fordy surrendered this morning in the midst of a good whooping that involved no loss of life for the beloved Sheikh Yabouthi's forces, blessed be his top-of-the range Hilux with the independent suspension and air conditioning.
And I can inform you that the surrender came after two hours of play in which we had managed 1 and a half turns of a possible 12!!! As much as I appreciate Ian's 'geriatric style' of play in which he measures out the possibilities of what each model can do four times before deciding what move to make, some of us have got real work to do in the office (like getting Cults of Glorantha II off to the printers).

The USMC has now gallantly left Kreplakistan to its fate. We didn't want it anyway, it smelt of wee.

Hu-ah, Semper Fi, and all that nonsense!

I look forward to seeing who Ian bores into submission next...

I seem to remember the first 45 minutes being taken up with army selection and checking up on the structures rules...