Starting Idea


I've got a small problem...

I'm going to start a game in the next week or so and I've got all the background work laid for the start, except for a beginning mission.

A little about the campaign...

All the players (6 total) are going to be Hungarian Nationals (Hungarian because nobody gives the Hungarians any love) trained at the WarMek academy in Germany. They will all start off with roughly the same amount of money, they have a location to start their base at (in Hungary) and almost all of them have given me a good background for their characters. The problem is that they all want Meks but they all want to do A LOT of roleplaying (because they are all damn good roleplayers), which is fine cause I'm better at writing stuff for roleplayers than I am for Hack'n'slasher types, and I can't come up with a compelling enough beginning mission. I thought about using the Behind Enemy Lines book but I don't like prewritten campaign books because there's not enough freedom IMOP. I've already run one game that was ended prematurely because a couple of the guys moved. I am gonna incorporate the old campaign with the new in the sense that this new group will run across them on a mission or hear about them from time to time in the news, and I've got some stuff for later on but I'm drawing the biggest blank in the world for a start-up mission (like I've already said a thousand times).

I know this is long so I'll cut it short here, and any suggestions at all will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You for your Time


Mongoose Bob

What about a forced relocation of village or refugee camp. A large Mek company wants the area for a testing ground/development area.

PC's have to deal personally with the people, persuading them to move on, explaining the reasons why in a calm manner and then getting them to move on.

Maybe the PC's cannot let the villagers knwo what the area will be used for as it is top secret. The company is using it as a publicity stunt, so the PC's have to put up with an inquisitive reporter and camera crew. getting in the way.

You could have retaliation from the villagers, a rival companies spies. An attack as the villagers are herded to the new village. To discredit the company and your PC's.

Would give a contact with a Mek Company, possibly an enemy Mek company as well. Also some villagers may like them, hate them etc. Press coverage could be good or bad.


Wow Thanks that's a really good idea. I've never thought of citizen relocation and all of the problems inherent with the idea. That gives me plenty of stuff to get the game off the ground, and it'll still be way easy to incorporate into the stuff I had planned later on in the campaign. Thanks alot