Start of a new B5 campaign


Hello friends! A few friends and I have just started a new campaign in B5:ACTA and I thought I should write a little about it, just to show that the game is still alive in Sweden at least! :)

We are three players and the fleets involved are Vorlons, Minbari and Narn. I had planned to play the Minbari, but one of my friends really wanted to try them out, and so I returned to my trusty Narns. We decided to play the game as a narrative where the different scenarios we fight outline a story about the Ymer-system. Someday I might even sit down to write something as a series of short storys linking the battles togheter, as I have seen some of you guys are doing. But for now I will just give you the rundown of the battles fought so far:

The first three turns where uneventful as all three players raced to claim different strategic points around the system and build up our fleets. We had decided to build our starting fleets from 10p Raid instead of the usual 10 Battle, so RR points where very valuable. Both the Vorlons and the Minbari was very concerned with how few ships they could field compared to the mighty Narn armada.

In turn 4 the first shots where fired. The Narns attacked a Minbari controlled High-yield gas gigant and the first fight was on! The scenario was "A call to arms", 5p Raid. I fielded two squadrons of torpedo-cutters, two scouts, two DagKars and two VarNics. He fielded one Troligan, two Tigaras and two Torothas.

Now, I will be the first to admitt that the scenario favored the Narns significantly, especially as my opponent had decided to play the Minbari as a knife fighter and forgoing the ranged advantage of beams. Had he had more time to gather resources and buying ships I might have faced a very different fleet. Also, the debis we decided to have happened to end up on his side of the table, with only a single asteroid field i the middle for him to hide in. And to mass his ships in a asteroid field is suicide against Narn energy mines.
In the end my friend decided to deploy his fleet in a long line to avoid multible e-mine hits on his fragile ships. His plan was simply to race across the table and get behind my ships where his superior speed and turns would alow him to take my fleet apart while I fruitlessly try to get his fast ships into my fire arcs. That was the plan...however, it did not work...

In the first turn two e-mines and torpedos killed of one of his Tigaras, and the heavy lasers from the VarNics did heavy damage on his Troligan as it run at full speed towards my lines. The cutters made a big dent in his other Tigara, and a lucky crit made it adrift...just in front of the asteroid field! As the Tigara crashed into the rocks and was destroyed the rest of the fleet concentrated on destroying the Troligan that was getting dangerously close to my lines. In his turn two he still couldent get that ship inside my lines, as the heavy lasers last turn had knocked away about half of his movement via crits. His only weapon that had range on my fleet was his mini-beams, and the shots he fired on my DagKar was saved by CBD. His Torothas went after my cutters, but lucky dodge rolls for me saved them from losses, but two of the was crippled non the less. My return fire destryed his Troligan. The next turn saw his Torothas flee the battle via jump points. A glorious victory for the Narns!!!!

After the battle me and my friend discussed his tactics and build. I suggested he take a more ranged approach but he still belived in his idea of a short ranged Minbari fleet, so he used his remaning RR points to rebuild the losses he had taken. This would prove to have been a very good idea as the next battle fought was an ambush by the Minbari against the Vorlons...

The ambush was at Raid level, and the Minbari brought a new Troligan and a Tigara, the Vorlon side consisted of two destroyers and two transports. The Vorlon player deployed his ships in a diamond shaped formation in the middle of the board, the minbari was in an asteroid field on one of the long table sides. In this battle the Minbari knife fight build proved absolutly lethal. In turn one only one of the vorlon destroyers made its check to act, the rest moved six inches forward and didnt get to act at all. The Minbari used all power to engines to place both his ships in the absolute centre of the Vorlon diamond. The resulting firestorm resulted in multiple crits, including TWO catasrophic explosions, on the one ship the Vorlon player could use this turn. He lost both his adaptive armour and self repair traits and was set adrift, helpless. One of the transports was destroyed and the other destroyer was severly damaged. And this was only from the fire of one ship! The Tigara finished of the drifting destroyer and put a lot of damage on the other, one that resulted in a no SA crit and one other that took his one weapon off line.
The Vorlon player did the only thing he could do...he ran! The transport managed to get out of range and the remaning destroyer tried to limp behind an asteroid field to open a jump point and get the hell out of there. That was when my friend smiled and pointed out that the ship had a no SA crit and so could not escape that turn. Two shots from his minibeams killed of the destroyer before it could escape. The last transport however, did escape to bring word of the Minbari treachery to the Empire. The retrebution was sure to be swift and merciless.
A truly spectacular bloodbath, the Vorlons didnt really stand a chance...

We fought a couple of battles after this, but as I am getting very tired now I will post about them later if you are interested.

Orphan out!
Excellent reports and most interesting read - looking forward to hearng more in due course - especailly any stories :)

Minbari Knife fighting is a possible fleet build - tried it myself a couple of times but as it forgoes some of the Mibari advantages (Stealth and range) it can, as he discovered, backfire.

Doubtless Ken (as our resident Minbari player) may have a few words of advice :)

You seem to have the right set up for the Narn.
Hello again!

Ok, some more about our campaign, since the last time I posted here:

After the Minbari victory against the Vorlons we all counted the profits from our fierce struggle up until that point. The Narns had a solid lead in RR points thanks to the gas giant that was taken from the Minbari. The Minbari had used up most of his RR points to rebuild his shattered fleet from that same encounter and the Vorlons were in a bad spot, since his ships cost twice the RR points to that of mine and the Minbari. By now all he had to field was one destroyer, one transport and a light cruiser, plus a ton of fighters. He seemed like easy pickings, so the next turn the Narn armada turned their sights on him with the sole intention of driving the Vorlon faction out of the Ymer system.

The scenario played was annihilation, 3p battle. The Vorlons deployed the light cruiser and his remaining destroyer and I brought a GVrahn and two DagKars, freshly bought for the spoils collected thus far in the campaign. In hinsight I realize that e-mines might not have been the best course to take when facing the adaptive armour and regeneration abilities of the Vorlon ships, but I guess that I was overconfident and so used to bring my long range bombardment squadron that I just didnt think.

Short story: I quickly realized that I was not going to win a shooting war against the massive and resilient light cruiser. The first turn made me see just how ineffective e-mines are against adaptive armour, and the rest of my firepower was tied up in the warship. Hell, I might as well have painted a bullseye on thet ship. It was the target of the Vorlon fire for two turns, and in the third it was destroyed. The only conolation I got was the destruction of the destroyer. When I saw that I was going to lose, and that my DagKars couldnt escape before succumbing to the Vorlon firepower I decided to bleed my opponent as bad as I could. I still had a large fleet behind me and could afford the losses I was about to take. But one single expensive destroyer would cost the Vorlons much more than me. So my DagKars and my warship bravely faced death to take down the smaller ship, and before the light cruiser could finish the job, they succeded!

It was a phyrric victory for the Vorlons, as their losses was far more hard felt than mine, and the next campaign turn will se me returning again to finish the job...

That same turn the Minbari came back to get vengance against the Narn aggressors that had defeated them in the first engagement of the war. Spurred by his success against the Vorlons last turn the Alyt of the Minbari defeat decided that it was time to show the primitive Narns a lesson in what it means to challenge the Federation...

The scenario was annihilation, 5p Battle. This time there was some stellar debris, but thankfully for the Narn it was concentrated on on side of the table short sides. This ment that I could deploy my force in a refused flank and force the short ranged Minbari to come to me, or face the long range bombardment of heavy lasers, torpedos and e-mines.

I Brought most of my reserves to this engagement, and I knew that a decisive loss here would put me in a bad spot in the campaign, as it was now obvious that the Minbari and Vorlons had made peace and decided to crush me togheter...
My force consisted of: Two GQuans, my last two DagKars, two VarNics, two squadrons of torpedo cutters, two KaToc destroyers and a scout.
The Minbari brought: A Troligan, two Tigaras, and a Sharkaan and a Shantavi for long range support.

The battle began with the Shantavi racing to hide in the asteroids, to gain bonus to stealth. His Sharkaan was deployed outside of e-mine range in open space as he didnt want to loose a single turn of fire from the massive neutron laser. The rest of the Minbari fleet raced forward to engage me up close. I decided that he was trying to make me panic and attack his support element from fear of his big guns, but Narn ships are sturdy and can take a turn or two of beating from neutron lasers. What they cannot do is survive in a protracted close combat fight against close quarter bruisers like Troligans and Tigaras. So I decided to ignore his big, long range guns and fight of the short range ships first.

His firepower was impressive, but as I had predicted my ships simply had to many hitpoints to fall to the edvanced netron beams, at least for a turn or two. As it turns out, those two turns where all I needed. Faced with the combined fire of my entire fleet both his Tigaras and his Troligan quickly faltered, the Tigaras both died in round two whitout having made much of a dent on my fleet. His Troligan made it all the way to my lines before it became crippled. I managed to force the crew of the battered battleship to surrender and prepare to be boarded. After this it was a long range shootout between his support ships and my fleet. It cost me one KaToc and two crippled GQuans to finally destroy the last of his fleet.

Another victory for the Narns and the Federation is i chock at the news of another defeat against the so-called primitives. However, the Narns are as noble in victory as they are in battle. An envoy have been sent to Minbar to negotiate a peace agreement and all the Minbari have to do to gain peace and time to rebuild is to leave the Vorlons to their fate. The KaRi is currently waiting for a reply from the gray council...

Phew, this will have to be enough for to night. The next gaming day is next week. Will update on the campaign after.

Peace out!
A fun read. Good to see some campaign play happening.

I really like the idea of starting a campaign with 5 points Raid. It makes wins and losses much more critical and it also makes the income from victory locations far more critical.

I love how the Narn are so well suited for fighting the Minbari. Your opponent has a tough road ahead!