Starship Trooper Opponent Finder


Name; Ross
Armies played; Starship Troopers Pathfinders, Warmachine Khador, Confrontation Dirz, Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms, Wargods of Aegyptus Sebeki, and Babylon 5 a Call to Arms Eath Alliance.
Location; Leeds West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Locations can reach; anywhere in West Yorkshire
Contact details;
Local Gaming club; Heading in Leeds, Sundays £2.50 10am - 3pm. Thursday £1 7pm - 10pm. All games and gamers welcome, for any more info just drop me a line.
Great idea, I'll go! It would be pretty sweet to find out if anyone on these forums actually went to your gamestore or something.

Name: Veon
Armies played: Starship Troopers Arachnids and MI, Warhammer Skaven, WH40k Space Marines (sorta), Star Wars Miniature Game uhhh all sorts of stuff.
Location: Skagit County, Washington, USA
Locations can reach; Within half an hour drive, IE Bellingham, maybe Seattle
Contact details:
Local Gaming club: Eagle Games, Bellingham; or Docking Bay 97 (or is it 93), Mount Vernon
I'm in on this get the Mod to make it a sticky!

Name Anton
Armies played; Starship Troopers Arachnids, GOMC1, B5 Narn
Location; Leicester, Midlands, Centre of the universe :shock:
Locations can reach; 10 mile radius
Contact details; PM me!!
Local Gaming club; Phat Cats Club in Leicester 1800-2300 PM for details..
Name Matt
Armies played; Starship Troopers mi and bugs, and warmachine all
Location; Bristol and Weston super mare (and serounding areas)
Locations can reach; 50 mile radius with ease
Contact details; PM me!!
Local Gaming club; None at moment but we do get the use of the traveling mans game rooms, and i have a games room at my place where we game on thursdays.
Name: Joe Noll
Armies Played: SST: Mobile Infantry, Arachnids; Warmaster: Chaos; W40K: Tau; BOF/BlitzkreigMaster/FOW: US, German; Working on Warmaster Ancients: Normans
Location: Morgantown Area, West Virginia USA
Location can reach: Pittsburgh, PA to Clarksburg, WV
Contact Details:
Local Gaming: Tomb of the Unknown Fanboy Store.
Name: Nutbunny aka Jakke
Armies Played: SST: Mobile Infantry, W40K: Guard, Astartes, Fantasy: empire crusade army, Necromunda: Orlock, BFG: Imperial, Battletech: House Kurita
Location: Booischot, Belgium
Location can reach: entire belgium, southern holland, westgermany, north france
Contact Details:
Local Gaming:, the place where gamers meet
Name; Stephen Thomson(AKA crucible_orc)
Armies played; SST Arachnids & MI, Warmachine Menoth & Merc, Various other Sci-fi & Ultra modern, (possibly ACTA/GOMC in hte near future)
Location; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Locations can reach; Hamilton area
Contact details;
Local Gaming club;MIGS(Military INterest and Gaming Society) Friday $2 7pm - 11pm, Sunday $2 12pm-5pm. All Wargames and gamers welcome and first visit is free. for any more info go to .
Name Lee Upton
Armies played; Starship TroopersMI and Arachnids, B5 EA and ISA + other games
Location; Leicester, Midlands, Centre of the universe (so anton says)
Locations can reach; Midlands
Contact details; PM me!!
Local Gaming club; Phat Cats Club in Leicester 1800-2300 PM Anton 970 for details..
Name Paul Davies (Pauly.D)
Armies played;B5 Wars (Most Races), Warhammer High Elves, 40k Eldar, LOTR Uruk-Hai, ACTA (Mostly Centauri/Brakiri but have played with all), and will get SST within the next month (when i next get paid)
Location; Between Bristol and Bath (Saltford to be more accurate)
Locations can reach; anywhere near Bristol/Bath
Contact details;
Local Gaming club; Travelling Man in Bristol on Tuesdays
Name; Derek Fulton
Armies played; MI and Arachnids. Does anything else really matter? :roll:
Location; Kingston, Tasmania (just south of Hobart)
Locations can reach; Tasmania
Contact details; Look down
Local Gaming club; Van Diemen's Wargmaing Club
Name: Marcus

Armies played: SST Arachnids, SST MI, WH40k Dark Eldar, WH40k Catachans

Location: northern California (the REAL northern california, not the Sac area...Humboldt County)

Locations can reach: anywhere in Humboldt county

Contact details:

Local Gaming club: North Coast Role Playing (NCRP)
Name; Scott Perry
Armies played;
SST: MI, Arachnids in 15mm.

Warhammer 40K: Emperor's Children, Black Legion, World Eaters, Tau, Ultramarines, Lost and the Damned, Grey Knights, Vanilla Eldar, girlfriend plays Necrons and Space Wolves

Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Chaos Warriors, Ogre Kingdoms, Bretonnians and Empire, Girflfriend plays Dwarves

Warmaster: Orcs, Empire, Kislev, Chaos, Dark Elves, girlfriend plays High Elves (and won a golden demon for her army.)

Warhammer Ancients: Spartans, Athenian Greeks, Achamenid Persians, Sassanid Persians, Ptolemeic Egyptians, Saxons, Sub-Roman Britons, Late Republican Romans, and starting a helot slave army. Girlfriend plays Byzantine (thematic) and Picts.

Warmaster Ancients: Alexandrian Macedonians

TSATF: British in the Sudan, Sudanese, 1883-1885

Necromunda: Cawdor and Goliath gangs

Warmaster ECW: Early Parliamentarian and Royalist armies, Covenent Scotish army

Flames of War: Russian Infantry, British Desert Rats, German DAK

Wargods of Aegyptus: Sebeki army, girlfriend has Basti army.

Battlefleet Gothic: Ork fleet, girlfriend has Imperial Fleet.

Location; Ligonier, Pa
Locations can reach; Western, PA
Contact details;, 724-238-4778
name: ian stokes
armies played: tyranids, guard, catachans, bugs and MI
location: todmorden, yorkshire, england.
locations can reach: dunno depends on when, just ask me.
contact details:
local gaming club: khargs
Name Dave
Armies played; Starship Troopers Arachnids&MI, Classic Battletech
Location: Greater Vancouver area, BC
Have transit
Contact details:
Local Gaming club: Imperial Hobbies, Richmond
Name: Leon
Army: Mobile Infantry
Location: Australia - VIC - City of Melbourne - Springvale Nth
Locations can reach: Depends on your location
Contact details: [MSN]
Local Gaming club: N/A (I dont know any)
Name: Bob Meyer
Army: Mobile Infantry, Bugs, GoMC1
Location: Paradise, California. (90 miles north of Sacramento and just east of Chico)
Locations can reach: Depends on your location
Contact details: PM me here,, or the contact us page at
Local Gaming club: Not a club persay but...I have gaming space at my store in Paradise.
Name: Doug Craig
Armies played: Mobile Infantry & Arachnids (SST), Empire and Tomb Kings (WHFB), Skaven (Blood Bowl), FedCom and DCMS (Battletech), Warhammer Historicals Old West, GoMC-1, Mordheim, Space Hulk, etc
Location: Richmond, VA, USA (Fan District)
Locations can reach: Richmond
Contact details:
Local Gaming club: my friends and our 3 gaming tables
Name: bobmo
Armies played: Mobile Infantry & Arachnids (SST), Old West, Mordheim, MA
Location: Manassas, VA, USA
Locations can reach: up and down I95
Contact details:
Local Gaming club: i wish...