Sorcery et al


Hey all,

I just recently acquired the Conan RPG book (non-atlantean version) and am considering starting off a Conan campaign with my current gaming group. I haven't had that much time to peruse the book but have thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen. I do however have a few questions that I hope you can all answer for me (especially those of you that have already run Conan campaigns). Apologies if any of this has already been covered.

1. I like the more subtle feel of magic in the Conan game (no fireballs or teleporting across continents), but on first glance it seems that scholars as sorcerers are much more suited to roles as supportive NPCs due to the lack of direct damage spells. For those of you that have run games with PC scholars (as sorcerers), how have they fared versus the non-sorcerers? I know this is dependent on the style of campaign one runs, but do the scholar PCs have enough to do in combat or are they spending most of their time hiding or running away from it? One of the reasons I'm focusing on combat is that most of my players have this high expectation of a Conan game being primarily hack and slash (most of their and my knowledge stems from the movies rather than the original Howard novels). One of my players has always preferred spellcasters in his roleplay, and actually prefers the less overt style of spellcasting that seems to typify the magic system in Conan. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure that when playing such a character that he wouldn't be "left out" when the party inevitably enters combat.

2. I've seen good reviews for the Scrolls of Skelos. For those of you that have the book, what do you think? How useful has it been for your campaigns?

Our scholar is a great support PC, sort of like a cleric in D&D.

He has telekinesis, greater TK, and burst barrier, which comes in very handy quite often (mainly because I use the SRD version of TK instead of the Conan version, which I think is too limited). He also uses Conjuring combined with TK for various impressive effects and demonstrations to cow the superstitious and easily frightened (including the other PC's).

He's used his Psychommetry spell to support the other PC's as well, tracking down an assassin who's been hired to kill them, just to be sure he's not nearby.
2. Scrolls of Skelos is great, an essential purchase for any Conan campaign. It has feats, spells, items, monsters, and NPCs.

- thulsa
I'd have to say that every book in the line is fantastic and should be picked up eventually, taking monetary considerations into account.

Sorcerers have the potential to be really, really nasty, but just like in any other game, the smarty-smart class (in this case the spell casting sorcerer, in others scientists or whatever) get the shaft on durability as a balance. Besides that, one good whack with a Bardiche and anybody is toast in Conan, so it makes the potential power of casters that much more diminished. They are definitely characters to be bo protected and cottled as PCs and not ticked off as NPCs. :)
Thanks for the help guys. It's good to know that the scholar-sorcerers aren't disadvantaged compared to the other classes.

Based partly on all your advice and on the reviews I've seen, I just ordered the Scrolls of Skelos from my FLGS. I should have it in just a few days. :D