So about Historia Rodentia?


Has anyone tried using the races from this book using the regular Legend core rules rather than sticking to Historia Rodentia only?
Okay decided to create a character...

Race: Jumping Mouse
Attributes: Str 11, Con 9, Siz 8, Int 14, Pow 13, Dex 9, Cha 7
Tiny size with a Large tail with a 70 year lifespan.
Traits: Fleet gains +2m movement on flat grounds during Combat Actions and +10% bonus to Athletics checks involving Jumping.
Culture: Urban Upper Class
Culture/Own +30%, Lore/Regional +20%, Influence +20%, Evaluate +20%
Dagger +10%, Rapier +10%
Advanced Skills:
Courtesy, Shiphandling and Ride...

Is that a misprint or is Ride an Advanced Skill in Historia Rodentia?

Career: Priest

Let me know if I messed anything up in the above ok?

Oh and thanks in advance!
I'm not too sure I get what you mean. The HR book is built on the Legend framework. Other than a few additions and changes it is basically the same thing.

The character looks good though - keep us up to date on how things go! :)