So a Sci fi game eh? What is Traveller to you?

For me Traveller is:
System Shock 2
Starflight 1 and 2
Elite and its sequels
Babylon 5
Larry Niven's Known Space novels
The Mote in God's Eye
Apocalypse Now
Starship Troopers (novel, not film)
Space: Above and Beyond
Paul Anderson's novels
havercake lad said:
Traveller to me is sadly an economic game in a Geography lesson where I'm trying to stay awake till the bell.
Don't you go knocking my favourite RPG Mr. White. :wink:

I can't add any more to the already excellent list of source material. I'm of the camp that thinks of Traveller as a background setting and not a rule set. Take any ruleset of your choice and using a predominance of projectile weapons, communication at the speed of travel, varying technology across star systems and you're still playing Traveller to me. Remove those assumptions and you have a different game.