Skinnie Army colour schemes?!??!!?!

The Legend

I've recently bought the Skinnie Raiders, both boxed sets of Speeders the Skinnie Militia and the Skinnie Lord figure. I've got a decent core of a force but I have one really big problem....

How do I paint em? A brush I realise is a great place to start but the colour scheme is proving to be a real head ache as I don't want to have a comical Bright colour scheme that harps more of a renaissance era Army.

Any Ideas on how I can keep it close to the atmosphere of the Army and still have a semi sensible looking colour scheme?

:? [/b]


Possibly, dark red and black?
Brown and black
Dark green and black
Dark blue and black.

If you make the colours dark, it looks quite alien, mine are bright, which I now regret.


What at Skinnies also might look good are desert camo colours.
Would make them a bit like egypt stargate troopers (in regard of there bubbly weaponry).

Sgt. Brassones

Here's some of mine:





The Legend

Rob_alderman said:
If you make the colours dark, it looks quite alien, mine are bright, which I now regret.

I was thinking a dark scheme. My MI are green and grey which I was considering for my Skinnies but I don't want them to look too similar never mind "the Same". I do like the Idea of Dark blue and black or maybe a charcoal grey? Hmmmm.

I must say I like the scheme you use on yer Tyrant that you use for an Avatar. Looks fairly dark, much better than the studio job!


The gallery I have for skinnies isn't very large but it has some nice schemes. I love how the skinnies work well with non-traditional color theory. (link in sig)
Awwwww cute lil' pink... wait what're you doing with that, noooooo :shock:

While we're at it, anyone got some ideas for how I should paint my skinny advisor (cap scheme is dark angels green, with a catachan green highlight and them maple brown for dirtyness, suit underneath is flat black)

Just so I don't make another thread :wink: