skin weaves


I have designed a bunch of skin weave type of cyberware but for one of the models I couldn't decide on how to handle the rules for it.
It's called for lack of a better name at the moment Subdermal nanoweave. It is made by nanobots weaving carbon fiber beneath the skin tissue. What I can't decide on is should ti grant natural armour, hardness, stackable DR (we have skinweave that does this one), or convert damage taken into non lethal damage.
The amount of damage each grade would be able to take is Gamma 2, Delta 3, beta 5, Alpha 7, the same as teh skinweave in the book. I am leaning toward converting to non lethal damage..sort of a poor man's skin weave and would proably amke the purchase DC somewhere around 11 - 13.

Comments? Suggestions?