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In the example of character generation and skills are those points figured out right?

Seems that conan should have like 28 skill points from 1st level.
I don't have the book with me but do you mean the character example has too many/too few skill points allocated?

If so then the same "error" is made in the example of Conan at Lvl3 in, I think, Road of Kings. There are a few mistakes in skills and also the Will save. I managed to work out that example onto a character sheet and found out where they got the will save from (all situational modifiers that had been included in the total) The skills I couldn't justify though.

I know they are just examples but for someone trying to use the rules presented and the examples given it becomes pretty confusing. My rule is don't worry about things like that, there are bigger worries in life :)

Its just another example of Mongoose proofreading hell though - ooooo contraversial! ;)
Ronin84 said:
In the example of character generation and skills are those points figured out right?

Seems that conan should have like 28 skill points from 1st level.

Are you talking about the example in the beginning of the Skills chapter of the main rulebook? In the AE (page 74), the example has Conan getting 16 ranks for being a Barbarian, 12 ranks for his high Int and 6 ranks for his race.
Grand total: 34 ranks.
There is a mistake though, Conan is listed as having 4 ranks in Intimidate, when he only placed 2 ranks to it. Otherwise the example seems OK.

Hope that helps!
Speaking of King Conan's feats in RoK, they missed one, but it is obvious they missed to list Power Attack. These first editions are known to have many errors.

Something that comes to my atention, and that I like about King Conan's description, is the many feats (4- including Striking Cobra) that are not 'power gaming oriented'. Here's the explanation:

While many -if not most- players seek to maximize on to hit and to damage feats, King Conan has these not so 'power oriented' feats, that of course, represent many of the most important abilities that allow him to survive:

Slep Mastery
Dabbler (Counterspells)
Striking Cobra

I list as 'not power oriented' Striking Cobra, because the description say:

So long as combat has not yet begun, you may attempt a Bluff check opposed by your opponents' Sense Motive checks.

So; it can only occur only before combat has begun, thus I consider it a 'risky' feat because: 1) it has to occur before combat, and 2) you must succeed on a bluff check. This is tricky to achieve even for thieves, so IMO it must be even more difficult to achieve for other classes with less skill points.

These other feats (Sleep Mastery, Dabbler, Navigation) are very useful and very interesting, but as one of my players pointed out: 'good for role playing, not very much for combat'. I understand his pragmatism when it comes to combat after the first round of an encounter, but I also understand, that it is this combination of feats and class special abilities that represent the Conan of Howard, and I regret that players are not wiling to take them, and only seek destructive power.