signs slaine index

toothill man

(in the printed copies of the signs mag)

Issue Page Article Author
3 62 The Vengeance of Maeldun Ian Sturrock
7 22 Power Beyond Cognition Ian Sturrock
10 38 Formorrians: The Dark of the Sea Tim Hitchcock
15 24 The War Cheif Vincent Paul Cooper
16 54 Beyond the Wailing Marsh Matthew Pritchard
17 22 Breaching the Walls Vincent Paul Cooper
21 48 Warriors of Midguard Tim Hitchcock
22 30 Magic of Midguard Tim Hitchcock
23 56 The Temple Grontenheim Tim Hitchcock

(in PDF version roleplayer edition/free on main mongoose site)

28 32 The Nissie Stanley Barnes
32 10 Born of Madness - The Paressi Tim Hitchcock
47 13 Formorrian Lords (RQ) Nick Robinson
48 29 A Wager Lost (RQ) Nick Robinson
49 27 The Cult of Myrddin (RQ) Nick Robinson
57 The Southern Traitors (RQ) John Foody

big thanks to matts article index which is brilliant but thought we should have our own that can be added to over time 8)
Do you think it would kill Mongoose Publishing if they went to their archives (Not the ones linked by Standing Stone, not all of them are listed there. I mean a complete archive.) and reprinted all this stuff. I have asked before, and I was told it's not a economically viable or something to that effect. MY idea was like collected edition of all the Slaine content listed above. I was able to get all the stuff from a certain point onwards, but some of the earlier material like stuff about Midguard can't be obtained. Can't even find much any Sign's & Portents on Ebay or Underdog site that used to copy all that stuff.

BTW, what ever happened to Toothill.