Secrets of the Ancients: the Star Hunter dissapears?


I'm currently running the Secrets of the Ancients campaign, and my group is about to start chapter 5 (otherworld). At the start of this chapter it is mentioned that some drones carry of the Star Hunter. Then it is followed by this sentence: "The
characters may be able to retrieve their ship in Chapter 7: The Death of Grandfather."
One chapter earlier, where the travellers find the ancient starship, the possibility of crash landing on it is mentioned. That section is concluded with this sentence: "However, the Star Hunter will never fly again (and this will cause added problems for the characters in Section 7 of Secrets of the Ancients.)"

Now, I've read chapter 7 twice, yet there is not a single mention of the Star Hunter anywhere after it's carried of into the horizon. And since they are on a planet a parsec away from where they left the ship, and there isn't a single jump drive on said planet, I don't see how they could possibly hope to retrieve the ship.
Then again in chapter 8, it is mentioned that the travellers will have escaped in either the Star Hunter or the old Droyne rocket. And if they escaped in the Star Hunter, it's mentioned where they can find their ship again.

So... Am I missing something obvious here, or is this just a mistake in the campaign? Has anyone else run into this problem?