Samurai Beetle Suits [TL12 battledress]


So I was half considering using MGT2 to run a Traveller game set in the New Era timeline.
Mos of the equipment translates over easily. The Body Sleeve is cloth armour with a medi-kit. Stuff like that.
Battledress shows up a bit earlier in TNE than most Traveller. TL12 is sufficient to build decent battledress, so it shows up in the background and equipment guides of the TL 12 Reformation Coalition.

Ordinary battledress, I could just count as Combat Armour. The look is right, the protection is good. Close enough.
The Coalition also deploys heavy Battledress, nicknamed Samurai Beetle Suits. Heavy, bulky suits weighing 400 KGs.

So I was thinking of taking a cue from the prototype Computer rules to make them prototype armour.
Giving it the same stats as standard TL 13 Battledress, but making it 400 KGs instead of 100, and requiring a Vacc Suit level of 3 to use effectively.

Would this be sufficient to represent the difficulty of building something a TL sooner?
Or does something like Central Supply cover topics like this?



Solomani666 said:
Vaccsuit -3 will mean that almost no one will be able to use it effectively.
I find it is not as big of a restriction as I thought it would be. I was very much against the skill level 3 restrictions back during the playtest. Once it was clear Mongoose was not going to change it, I began to just deal with it. :D