S&P#21: Alligator Jack's Bayou Bastion


There is an excellent Jeremiah article in S&P21 called "Alligator Jack's Bayou Bastion" written by Bryan Steele. I want to compliment Bryan for doing such a good job with this article and for coming up with such an interesting location. If you don't normally buy S&P you will want to get this issue...Bryan has given us some new feats, equipment, critters, traits, and background related to the bayou setting. The Bayou Bastion is also a very intriging haven in a dangerous region and Alligator Jack himself is a great character with a surprising background.

S&P21 also has another article that I think quite usefull for Jeremiah gamers, its called "A Breed Apart". This article provides rules for creating very unique dog companions and was written with the Wild West setting in mind but is also perfect for Jeremiah. The background types for dogs that you can create include: A Nose for Trouble, Booze Hound, Comprehend, Friend or Foe, Grrrr, Horny, Irristible, Ill Wind Playing Possum, Take a Bullet, Top Dog, and Woof!. The article provides a dog leveling chart with BAB and all the rest of the info as well. Very nice supplement to many games actually.

*Back to Alligator Jack....Do you have any plot hooks for this location Bryan, this was the only thing I really was sorry not to see. The article states that the bastion is powered by Diesel generators, where do they get their fuel? Do you have specific rules for vodoo, and advanced class in the mold of the Prophet or Messenger perhaps?

*For purposes of my campaing, I think i'm going to relocate the Bastion from the Florida Everglades to Louisiana Bayou. My players will soon be sent to Louisianna to hunt for a mythical gas refinery that is supposedly untoughed because of its remote location in the Louisanna Bayou...I guess this could be the place where the Bastion gets its fuel...the characters will have to try to come up with a trade deal with Jack on behalf of Paducah and then figure out how to move the fuel. I would also like to explore a conflict with bayou dark vodoo practitioners that are a threat to the Bastion and to the heroes goals.

First of all, thank you very much. Little things like that make it all worth it.

Now, on to the meat of the matter...

I didn't do plot rolls because, to be honest, I had so much stuff to pour into that article I was running out of room! But when I get some time I'll post a few I had in mind.

As for a Voodoo Priest(ess) Advanced Class, I hadn't really thought about it...but I think I might. You might have me mulling on something here....

...yeah, maybe I will...

Thanks again, and I hope to do more for ya down the trail!

Sweet...I will be looking forword to seeing more stuff for this, its a neat concept, very different flavor, I will most definetly be using it when my next set of game turns come up ( I run exclusively on Fridays, usually Conan or Bab 5, and share Mondays with 5 other GMs..we do 10 week stints and mine is coming to an end...Jeremiah is best for this evening though).